Updated: November 22, 2021


5.Cans, Bottles and PET Bottle Guide

Items accepted for waste collection

  • Containers such as cans, glass bottles, and PET bottles, cylindrical batteries, thermometers containing mercury, fluorescent tubes, etc.

CautionPET bottles have the PET mark logo on them.

Where to put out waste

  • Waste collection point
  • Your waste collection point is specified. Please ask your neighbors where you should put out waste.

What days collection occurs

  • Once a week. Collection days are set for each district.
  • The collection day is written on a sticker at the waste collection point. Please put out waste after checking the information.
  • If you do not know your collection day, for example if there is no sticker, please contact the collection office in the area where you live. (Phone calls can only be made in Japanese.)
  • Waste is also collected on holidays. However, collection days may change during the year-end and New Year Holidays.

What time to put out waste

  • Please put out cans, glass bottles and PET bottles by 8:30 on the morning of the collection day.

CautionPlease do not put waste out on the day before collection or after it has been collected. Following the rules will keep the collection point clean for your neighborhood.

How to put out waste

  • Please put items in the yellow box (pickup container) provided at your waste collection point.

CautionPlease read the instructions given below carefully to follow the correct method of putting out fluorescent tubes, batteries and thermometers containing mercury. 

  • Put cans, glass bottles and PET bottles together in the yellow box (pickup container).
  • Any waste improperly put out will not be collected.
  • To prevent crows and other animals from scattering waste, please put out items according to your waste collection day and time.
  • ⚠ Do not include batteries or small rechargeable batteries in your waste! If you do, there is a dangerous risk of ignition or explosion during waste collection and processing.


Examples and instructions for putting out waste

Cans, glass bottles, PET bottles

  1. Remove tops and labels.
  2. Rinse the inside.
  3. Squash PET bottles.
  4. Do not squash cans.
  5. Do not put in a bag, 

put them in a pickup container for collection.

※Dispose of plastic tops and labels as plastic containers and packaging. Dispose of non plastic tops and labels as household waste.

Aerosol spray cans

Use up the contents and put the cans in a pickup container for collection. If you cannot use up the contents, please consult the manufacturer. No need to puncture aerosol spray cans. spray

Metal items (pots, kettles, etc.)

Items made of iron, aluminum, stainless steel or enameled iron measuring 18ℓ (30cm) or smaller. Please clean them before you put them out for collection.

Fluorescent tubes

Either put it in the original case it came in or wrap it with newspaper, and place it beside a pickup container.

Cylindrical batteries, thermometers containing mercury

Put them in a clear plastic bag, fasten the opening and put in a pickup container.

Items not accepted as cans, bottles and PET bottles.

Bottles for agrochemicals and powerful drugs

Dispose of them as household waste.  

Broken glass bottles

Dispose of them as household waste.

Glass or porcelain articles

Dispose of them as household waste.

Items with sharp edges or pointed ends such as knives and forks

Dispose of them as household waste.

Incandescent light bulbs

Dispose of them as household waste.

Button batteries, small rechargeable batteries

Please bring them to a collection/recycling partner store, like shops that sell batteries.

Bulky waste

Items measuring approximately 30cm or longer at the longest point are regarded as bulky waste.