Updated: November 22, 2021


6.Paper Material Guide

Items accepted for waste collection

  • Newspapers and inserts, corrugated cardboard boxes,drink (milk) cartons, magazines, other paper materials such as paper boxes and envelopes.

Where to put out waste

  • Waste collection point
  • Your waste collection point is specified. Please ask your neighbors where you should put out waste.

What days collection occurs

  • Twice a month. Collection days are set for each district.
  • The collection day is written on a sticker at the waste collection point. Please put out waste after checking the information.
  • If you do not know your collection day, for example if there is no sticker, please contact the collection office in the area where you live.(Phone calls can only be made in Japanese.)
  • Waste is also collected on holidays. However, collection days may change during the year-end and New Year Holidays.
  • Collections will be made even on rainy days.

What time to put out waste

  • Please put out paper materials by 8:30 on the morning of the collection day.

CattionPlease do not put waste out on the day before collection or after it has been collected. Following the rules will keep the collection point clean for your neighborhood.

How to put out waste

  • Please read the instructions given below carefully, sort them by type,and tie them together with string both crosswise and lengthwise.


  • Do not put them in a plastic bag.
  • Any waste improperly put out will not be collected.
  • Please do not use adhesive tape to tie them up.

Examples and instructions for putting out waste

Newspapers and inserts

Put in piles and tie with string both vertically and horizontally. Do not mix magazines and other paper materials with newspapers.

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Remove cloth adhesive tapes and carbon paper. No need to remove staples. Put in piles and tie with string both vertically and horizontally.

Drink cartons

Items with this logo

Wash inside, open, and dry paper packs. Put in piles and tie with string both vertically and horizontally. Those that are silver inside are not accepted for collection.

Magazines(Catalogs, etc.)

Put in piles and tie with string both vertically and horizontally.

Other paper materials(Paper boxes, wrapping paper, sales fliers, calendars, envelopes, cardboard tubes for kitchen wrap, memo pads, etc.)

Put other paper materials in a paper bag if they are not of uniform size. Put in piles and tie with string both vertically and horizontally.

Since these items are not recyclable as paper materials, please dispose of all these items as household waste)

Waterproof paper items such as paper cups

Paper that smells of detergent, etc.




 Vinyl coated paper, thermal paper, carbon paper, gold colored paper, silver colored paper, soiled paper, etc.

There are other ways to dispose of paper materials

Group-based recyclable resource collection

In some communities, recyclable resources are collected through children’s clubs and other organizations.

Recyclable resource collection racks

Recyclable resource collection racks are provided at ward offices (Miyagino, Wakabayashi, Izumi ward offices) and some citizen centers.

For more details

Please call the Household Waste Reduction Section

Tel022-214-8229 (Japanese only)