Updated: September 20, 2016


March 2014

Public Affairs Section to Extend Office Hours

The period from late March to early April is the peak season for the Public Affairs Section of ward offices with many people trying to file changes in residence registration due to moving in or moving out. The Public Affairs Section of all ward offices will extend their opening hours during the period mentioned below in order to ease crowding in the office and to shorten waiting time.

  • Period: March 24(Mon) - April 7(Mon)(excluding Saturdays & Sundays)
  • Office hours: 8:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
    (Please come as early as possible as because it may take time to complete necessary procedures.)
  • Offices: Family and Resident Registration Section of each ward office and Sendai Station Service Center(AER 5th floor)
    For details, please see the Sendai City News Letter or contact us.
    Inquiries: Family and Residence Registration Section of each ward

The Timetable for Sendai City Bus Will Change on April 1

Please check the new timetable at bus stops or on the Transportation Bureau’s official website at http://www.kotsu.city.sendai.jp/(External link) after March 25(Tue.).

Distribution of New Timetables
New timetables will be distributed at Transportation Bureau Ticket Centers, bus business offices, and Ward office information desks from March 25(Tue.).
If you would like to obtain new timetables by fax or by post, please contact the Transportation Bureau Information Center.
Inquiries:Transportation Bureau Information Center
Tel. 022-222-2256(9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. on weekdays)

Water & Sewage Fee Exemption in FY2014 for Households on Welfare and Households on Welfare for Japanese War Orphans who Returned From China

  • Reduction Period:From the month following application to March, 2015
  • Amount of Reduction:Exemption from basic fees for water and all fees(basic and usage fees)for sewage.
  • If you apply to receive the reduction for the first time, or have been receiving the reduction but have not submitted a letter of consent, please visit the Public Assistance Section of your local Ward Office for applications by March 31, 2014 taking a seal with you.
  • Depending on the type of building you reside in, you may not be eligible for these exemptions.
    Inquiries: Southern Waterworks Service Center, Sendai City Waterworks Bureau
    Tel. 022-304-0020
    Operation Section, Construction Bureau
    Tel. 022-214-8337

Changes in the Fares or Charges Relating to Public Services from April

In accordance with rise in consumption tax rate from 5% to 8%, fares and charges of various public services will also rise by around 3% from April 1. For details, please see the Sendai City News Letter.

The deadline to Apply for Municipal Housing is March 16

  • The Application Guide for Sendai City Municipal Housing will be available from March 6 at the following locations:
    • Application Section of Sendai City Construction Corporation, Sendai City Hall Kokubuncho Office 2F
    • Shimin-no-heya, Sendai City Hall 1F
    • Ward Office Information Desks
    • General Branch Offices
    • Family Registration Section, Sendai Station Service Center, Aoba Ward Office(AER 5F)
    • Certificate Issuance Center
    • Chuo-Shimin Center of each ward
    • Miyagi Housing Construction Center
    • Municipal Housing Management Office
  • How to apply: Choose one municipal housing unit, fill out the application form attached to the application packet and post it in the provided envelope by March 16. In the event that there are more applications than available housing, applications will be chosen by lottery.
  • Earliest move-in date: May 23(tentative)
  • For further information, including number of available units, rent and eligibility, please see the application guide or contact us.
    Applications from those who lost their houses in the Great East Japan Earthquake and those from the restricted habitation area designated in the Act on Special Measures for the Rebirth of Fukushima are also accepted but differ in requirements. Please contact us for details. Please also contact us regarding the eligibility of applications from victims of domestic violence.
    Inquiries: Application Section of Sendai City Construction Corporation
    Tel. 022-214-3604