Updated: September 20, 2016


April 2016 | City of Sendai

Facility Usage and Service Fees Will Be Raised from October 1, 2016

In the light of increase in prices and the balance between cost burden for facility users and tax payers(Sendai citizens)who do not use facilities such as civic centers and other public rental spaces, the facility fees for all public facilities will be revised. New facility usage fees will be introduced from October 1, 2016. However if you have done all necessary procedures by September 30, you can use facilities with the present fee structure. In regards to the new service fee, if you have submitted your application by September 30, the present price will be effective. For more details, please check the bulletin board or information window at each facility.
You can also view such information on our official website at http://www.city.sendai.jp/shisei/1221423_1984.html.
Inquiries: Finance Section, Finance Bureau Tel. 022-214-8113

Financial Assistance for School Material and Lunch Fees

Guardians of students attending municipal elementary or junior high schools or Sendai Seiryo Secondary School(lower secondarycourse only)who are finding it difficult to send their children to school due to financial difficulties are eligible to apply for assistance.
Eligibility: Households with a yearly income below a given level, Households receiving a child-rearing allowance and Households that no longer receive welfare allowance

For further information, please see the Sendai City Newsletter(Japanese version)or contact us.
Inquiries: School Affairs Section Tel. 022-214-8861
Applications: Please contact your child’s school or Sendai Seiryo Secondary School directly.

Services for Issuing Various Certifications at Convenience Stores Has Begun

We have begun launching services for issuing various certifications at multi-copying machines installed in convenience stores that can be accessed with your “My Number Card.”

  • Available Convenience Stores: any of the following convenience stores which have multi-copying machines installed : Seven Eleven, Lawson, Circle K Sunkus, and Family Mart.
  • Hours: 6:30 – 23:00(except December 29th – January 3 and maintenance days)
  • Certifications: Copy of Residential Record, Certificate of Registered Seal, Certificate of All Records on Family Register, Copy of Supplementary Family Register, and Inhabitant Taxation Certificate(Inhabitant Tax Exemption Certificate).
  • Eligibility: Those who are registered as Sendai citizens and have “My Number Card” which has the “Electric Certificate for User Identification” function installed.

Please see the Sendai City Newsletter(Japanese version)or contact the following offices for details.
Inquiries: For Residential Records, Registered Seal or Family Registers: Ward Administration Section Tel. 022-214-6126
For Taxation Certificate: Taxation Section Tel. 022-214-8622

Interest Subsidies for National Education Loans

Sendai City will subsidize the interest paid on general education loans(National Education Loans)from the Japan Finance Corporation while your child is in high school.

  • Application Period: July 1(Fri.) - December 16(Fri.)
  • Eligibility: Guardians of high school students who reside in Sendai.
  • Conditions such as the full payment of city taxes apply.

Please see the Sendai City Newsletter(Japanese version)or contact the following office for details.
Inquiries: School Affairs Section Tel. 022-214-8861

Garbage Collection During the Golden Week Holiday Season(April 29 to May 5)Will Be Conducted as Usual

Household waste, plastic containers and packaging, cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, dry batteries and paper materials will be collected as usual on weekends and holidays. In accordance with the city rules, please set out your garbage at designated collection areas on the designated collection days from early morning to 8:30 a.m.

Inquiries: Your local Environmental Office
Aoba Environmental Office Tel. 022- 277-5300
Miyagino Environmental Office Tel. 022-236-5300
Wakabayashi Environmental Office Tel. 022-289-2051
Taihaku Environmental Office Tel. 022-248-5300
Izumi Environmental Office Tel. 022-773-5300
Waste Supervision Section Tel. 022-214-8227

The Amounts of the Child-Rearing Allowance and Special Child- Rearing Allowance Have Changed

In accordance with a partial revision of the law, the amount of the allowances has changed from April as follows:

  • Child-Rearing Allowance
    Full allowance: 42,330 yen/ month Partial allowance: 9,990 – 42,320 yen/ month
  • Special Child-Rearing Allowance(per child)
    Child qualified to Level 1: 51,500 yen/ month Child qualified to Level 2: 34,300 yen/ month 
    Inquiries: Home Health Section of ward offices, Public Health and Welfare Section of general branch offices

Medical Check-Up Subsidy for Those Covered by National Health Insurance

Sendai City subsidizes basic health check-ups and cancer screenings for those covered by National Health Insurance.

For detailed information such as age requirements and subsidy amounts, please read the ‘Shimin-kenshin-no-moushikomi-annai’(Medical Check-up Application Guide)distributed with the Sendai City Newsletter(Japanese version).

Inquiries: Home Health Section of ward offices, Public Health and Welfare Section of general branch offices

Exemption or Postponement of National Pension Payments can be Applied Retroactively for up to Two Years and One Month Before the Month of Application

From April, those having trouble paying National Pension premiums will be able to apply retroactively for exemption, student payment exceptions, and youth payment extensions for a period up of up to two years and one month before the month of application. If your application is approved, you will be granted an exemption from or extension on National Pension premiums.

Inquiries: National Health Insurance and Pension Section or Public Health and Welfare Section of any ward office or general branch office