Updated: September 20, 2016


August 2016

Inhabitant Tax Payments

Please make the second FY 2015 Inhabitant Tax payment at your closest financial institution by August 31st (Wed.). If paying by bank transfer, the transaction will be processed on August 31st. 

Inquiries: Tax Payment and Administration Section Tel. 022-214-1010

Sendai City Bus & Subway Schedule during the Obon Period

  • Sendai City Bus: Buses will run on the Saturday schedule on August 15th (Mon.) and August 16th (Tues.) The number of buses on some routes will be increased during morning commuting hours.
  • Sendai City Subway: From August 13th (Sat.) to August 16th (Tues.), the subway will run on the Saturday/holiday schedule.

Inquiries: Transportation Bureau Information Center Tel. 022-222-2256

Accepting Applications for Interest Subsidies for National Education Loans 

Sendai City will subsidize the interest paid on general education loans (National Education Loans) from the Japan Finance Corporation while your child is in high school.

  • Application Period: by December 16th
  • Eligibility: Guardians of high school students who reside in Sendai.
  • Conditions, including the payment of city taxes in full, apply.
    For details such as the upper limit for a loan, please see the Sendai City Newsletter (Japanese version) or contact us.

Applications: Application forms can be obtained at the following places or downloaded from Sendai City’s official website:
School Affairs Section (Kamisugi Bldg. 11F) 
General Information Desk of any ward office
General Branch Offices

Inquiries: School Affairs Section Tel. 022-214-8861

Don’t forget to apply for/renew your National Health Insurance/Medical Care System for the Elderly (75 and over) Reduction Certificate

If your household is exempt from municipal taxes, hospitalization and outpatient costs including co-pays and food costs can be reduced by presenting either the gendogaku tekiyo・hyojun futangaku gengaku ninteisho or the hyojun futangaku gengaku ninteisho reduction certificate together with your health insurance card at the reception desk of your medical institution. If you are eligible and do not yet have a certificate valid from this August, please apply now.

  • Eligibility: Members of households that are exempt from municipal taxes in FY 2016 and are enrolled in National Health Insurance or the Medical Care System for the Elderly (75 and over)
  • Things to bring
    1. For those who are enrolled in National Health Insurance: National Health Insurance Enrollment Card
    2. For those who are enrolled in Medical Care System for the Elderly: Medical Care System for the Elderly Enrollment Card and personal seal
    3. Receipt which can prove the length of hospital stay (only the case for 91 days or longer stay) 
    4. FY 27 Gengaku Ninteisho Reduction certificate (if you have it)

Inquiries: Each Ward Office, National Health Insurance and Pension Section, Miyagi General Branch Office 
Public Health and Welfare Section, Akiu General Branch Office 

Hepatitis B Vaccine Becomes a Routine Vaccination

People who are eligible can get this vaccination free of charge.

  • Starting Date: October 1
  • Vaccination Place: Hepatitis B Vaccination Registered Medical Institutions (The list of institutions will be on the City’s website in the middle of September)
  • Eligibility: Children under 1 year-old who were born after April 1, 2016 and registered as Sendai Citizens (this includes children who were evacuated from 13 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture and are also eligible under the Nuclear Plant Evacuees Law)
  • Number of shots required: three (Please wait at least 27 days after you get first shot before having the 2nd shot and 139 days after you get your first shot before having the 3rd shot) 
  • Things to Bring: Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Handbook, National Health Insurance Card or other form of ID which proves the child’s address and age
  • Vaccination Coupons will be placed at all the registered medical institutions for Hepatitis B Vaccination, Family Health Section of Ward Offices, Health and Welfare Section of General Branch Offices
  • Depending on your vaccination history, the number of shots required will vary. For more details, please contact the followings.

Inquiries: Home Health Section of Ward Offices, Health and Welfare Section of General Branch Offices

Do Not Forget to Submit Documents for the Child-Rearing Allowance and Special Child-Rearing Allowance

Sendai City has sent documents for the Child-Rearing Allowance to single-parent households with children under 18 years of age, and documents for the Special Child-Rearing Allowance to households with children with disabilities to confirm whether said households are eligible to receive these allowances. Please complete the documents and submit them in person (please do not send by post).

  • Submission Period:【Child-Rearing Allowance】 August 1st to August 31st 【Special Child-Rearing Allowance】 August 12th to September 9th *Documents are only accepted during office hours.
  • Inquiries: Home Health Section of Ward Offices, Public Health and Welfare Section of General Branch Offices

Changes in the Additional Amount for Child-Rearing Allowance

Due to the partial amendment of the Child-Rearing Allowance Law as of August 1, 2016, the additional amount of child-rearing allowance for the second child will change from 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen per month and the amount for the third child and more will change from 3,000 yen to 6,000 yen per month. The amount change will be effective from the child-rearing allowance in August, but the allowance for August to November will be paid in December. In addition, starting from April 2017, a “Sliding Scale System”, in which the amount provided will be changed in accordance with price movements, will be introduced to calculate the additional amount of child-rearing allowance.

Inquiries: Child Raising Support Section Tel: 022-214-8202