Updated: September 20, 2016



General Health Check-ups Will Begin in August

For those who applied for the Sendai City’s General health check-up, the check-up slips will be sent out by mail at the end of July. Please confirm the information on the slip, refer to the list of registered medical institutions that is enclosed with the slip and receive your check-up within the designated period.

Dates: August 1st (Mon.) - October 31st (Mon.) 2016, January 4th (Wed.) - January 31st (Tue.) 2017

For details such as how to apply, please contact the following:


Home Health Section of any ward office, Public Health and Welfare Section of each General Branch Office

Fixed Asset Tax/ City Planning Tax Payments (Extract from Tax Announcement) 

Please make the second FY 2016 fixed asset tax and city planning tax payments at your closest financial institution by August 1st (Mon.). If paying by bank transfer, the transaction will be processed on August 1st (Mon.).


Tax Payment and Administration Section Tel: 022-214-1010

Please Don’t Forget to Apply for a Reduction of National Pension Payments

If you have difficulty making National Pension payments for financial reasons, you can apply for exemption or reduction of payments (your income will be audited and you will be assigned to one of four tiers based on your income in the previous year).


National Health Insurance and Pension Section of any ward office
National Health Insurance and Pension Section, Miyagi General Branch Office
Public Health and Welfare Section, Akiu General Branch Office

Now Accepting Renewal Applications for Subsidies for Transport Costs for the Disabled

If eligible, you may choose one of the following: Free Ride Disability Pass, welfare taxi tickets, fuel subsidy tickets for private vehicles, or a Senior Citizen Pass (for those aged 70 or over with a disability). There are restrictions on both the type and classification of disabilities and income.
On June 30, application forms were sent out to those who are already receiving subsidies. For those who are currently not eligible, please consult us if there is any change in your disability level or income because there are cases where you may become eligible for subsidies.


Disabled and Senior Citizens Welfare Section of any ward office
Public Health and Welfare Section, General Branch Office

Beware of Mosquito-borne Infection

If you travel to the epidemic/endemic areas that have mosquito-borne infections (tropical or sub-tropical areas of the world) in order to prevent contracting mosquito-borne infections, you must be careful not to be bitten by mosquitoes.

  • Wear a long sleeve shirts and long pants in infection-risk areas
  • Use insect repellent regularly and a mosquito net when sleeping
  • Consult with Administration Section of the Public Health Center of each ward office if you were bitten by mosquitoes and worry about it after coming back to Japan
  • If you experience fever-like symptoms, please go to a medical institution and give the doctor as much information as possible (ex. length of your stay abroad, where you went and what did you do there)


Health and Safety Section Tel: 022-214-8029

Now Accepting Applications for Municipal Housing for Single Parents

-Application Deadline: July 16th -

  • The application packet will be distributed from July 6th at the following places:
    Application Section of Sendai City Construction Corporation, Sendai City Hall Kokubuncho Office 2F
    Shimin-no-heya, Sendai City Hall 1F
    General Information Desk of all ward offices
    General Branch Offices
    Sendai Station Service Center of the Family Registration Section, Aoba Ward Office (AER 5F)
    Certificate Issuance Center
    Chuo-shimin Center of any ward
    Lifelong Learning Promotion Center
    Miyagi Housing Construction Center
    Municipal Housing Management Office
  • How to apply: Choose the unit you wish to apply for, fill out the application form attached to the application packet and, using the provided envelope, send in the form by mail by July 16th. In the event that there are more applications than available housing, applications will be chosen by lottery.
  • Earliest move-in date: September 21st (tentative)
    Please refer to the application packet for details on rent, qualifications for application, etc. or inquire at the following office:


Application Section, Sendai City Construction Public Corporation Tel. 022-214-3604

BCG Vaccinations

  • Eligibility: BCG vaccinations are given to children under one year of age.
    (The standard age for BCG vaccinations is five to seven months old.)
  • Things to bring: Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Handbook, BCG vaccination coupon from the MCH Handbook voucher packet (please fill out and detach)
  • Please wait at least 28 days after your child receives a live vaccine (such as polio) or seven days after your child receives an inactive vaccine (such as DPT-IPV) for BCG vaccinations.
  • Schedule
    Aoba Ward Office 2F: July 25th (Mon.) 2:00p.m.- 3:00p.m.
    Health Examination Room, East Bldg. of Izumi Ward Office 2F: July 27th (Wed.) 2:00p.m.- 3:00p.m.
    Takasago Hoken Center: July 25th (Mon.) 9:30a.m.- 10:00a.m.
    Miyagino Ward Office 6F: August 3rd (Wed.) 2:00p.m.- 3:00p.m.
    Taihaku Ward Office 3F: August 2th (Tue.) 2:00p.m.- 3:00p.m.
    Wakabayashi Ward Office 3F: July 20th (Wed.) 9:30a.m.- 10:30a.m.
  • Please go directly to the vaccination site. (Reservations not required)
  • BCG vaccinations may be received outside your ward of residence.
    For details, please contact:
    Home Health Section of any ward office
    Public Health and Welfare Section of any general branch office