Updated: January 31, 2017



Downtown Attractions

The Sendai station area(JPG:78KB)

Many pedestrian walkways connect Sendai station and its surrounding buildings, leading people to the entrance of Sendai's shopping area. Six characteristic shopping malls, such as the modern Clis Road, the high-roofed Sun Mall Ichibancho, and Marble Road Omachi, which was the main street during the Date Family's rule, attract people with the entertainment, fashion, food, drink, and culture they offer.

A new plaza greets people outside the east and “new” side of Sendai station, which attracts young people with its music and entertainment venues.

The Ichibancho shopping mall area(JPG:103KB)

Famous stores and restaurants line the main streets, showing the latest Sendai has to offer. However, take one step off the main streets, and it feels like you’ve traveled backwards in time, to the post-war era. The good old vibe is still alive in these back streets, which are home to old-fashioned drinking places, delis, and groceries, but also contain stores run by the younger generation, such as coffee and vintage clothing shops. Each alley in Sendai has its own vibe and story.

Kokubuncho street is the center of Sendai’s night life(JPG:67KB) The Sendai Asaichi Market—Sendai’s kitchen(JPG:135KB)

The Sendai Asaichi Market, sometimes called “Sendai’s kitchen” is located on the west side of Sendai Station. Although the market is called “Asaichi,” which means “morning market,” it is open all day long. Over 70 diverse stores sell fresh fish, vegetables, fruit, and even deli food. The area is always bustling with people, who are attracted by the cheap and fresh food.

Natural Attractions

People enjoy cherry blossoms in Sendai(JPG:127KB)

Lush greenery can be found lining the streets and parks in downtown Sendai. The urban area is surrounded by further natural beauty. People can enjoy cherry blossoms and many pretty flowers in the spring. Numerous food stalls are set up in parks where cherry trees grow, and people gather and enjoy food, drink, and the flowers. Please experience this Japanese custom, called “hanami,” if you have an opportunity.

Zelkova trees line Jozenji-dori Avenue and othe large streets in SendaiPeople enjoy walks under the cool green zelkova trees in downtown Sendai and have fun around the banks of the Hirose-gawa River during the summer.

Beautiful autumn colors surround Sendai(JPG:82KB)

Fall is the season of beautiful autumn colors. A popular autumn custom in Sendai is the “imonikai,” where people gather at river banks and eat a miso-flavored soup that has pork and potatoes in it. Some parks offer services that provide visitors a set of ingredients, firewood, pots, and utensils, making it easy for travelers to try out this local custom.

Snow monsters are a natural wonder found in the Zao mountains(JPG:94KB)

Sendai has many places where people can enjoy winter sports. There are two ski slopes in the city and many more around within an hour by car. Even people who can’t ski can have fun, riding sleds and making snowmen. In the nearby Zao mountains, people can observe snow monsters from late Janurary to February. The snow monsters are created when ice and snow stick to the trees in the mountains, and tours are available to see this natural wonder.


Sendai has many golf courses(JPG:60KB)

There are nine golf courses in Sendai City, and many more courses surround the city, within an hour by car. All courses make the best of their natural landscape, and it is possible to enjoy hot springs in some clubhouses.