Updated: February 14, 2017



Sendai’s Crafts

Numerous traditional handicrafts that employ sophisticated techniques have been developed throughout Sendai’s long history.

Sendai Tansu

Traditinal Sendai TansuSendai Tansu are solid yet elegant chests with more than 300 years of history. The chests are painted with lacquer, which emphasises the zelkova wood's grain. The chests are decorated with embossed metal ornaments which create a striking contrast with the warm wood.


Kokeshi DollsKokeshi are wooden dolls with characteristics that differ depending on the region produced in and the artisan. Kokeshi produced in Sendai are generally made with a slender shape so that children can easily hold them, and dolls have kind eyes and simple chrysanthemum decorations.

Umoregi-zaiku(Umoregi Crafts)

Umoregi CraftsUmoregi is a rare fossil wood found within approximately 5 million year old lignite (brown coal) formations around Mt. Aobayama and Mt. Yagiyama in Sendai. Crafts made from umoregi are blackish brown, sublty shining with beautiful wood grain and lacquer, and feel solid in your hand.

Tamamushi-nuri Lacquerware

Tamamushinuri LacquerwareTamamushi-nuri is a lacquerware with very strong and solid lacquer coats, which require 10 to 20 coatings for normal pieces and 40 to 50 coatings for special pieces. Its name comes from the jewel beetle (tamamushi), because the color of the lacquerware resembles the iridescent colors of the insect.

Sendai Tsuishu Lacquerware

Traditinal Sendai Tsuishu LacquerwareTsuishu is an ornate lacquerware, made by applying approximately 100 coats of vermillion lacquer and subsequently carving motifs of landscape, flowers, birds, or figures.

Tsutsumiyaki Pottery

Sendai's Tsutsumiyaki PotteryTsutsumiyaki is considered Sendai's traditional pottery and its history can be traced back to 1694. The pottery was created when clay was found north of Sendai, in Tsutsumi town.


Silkmade Sendai-hiraSendai-hira is a thick and dense hand-woven silk fabric. It is known throughout Japan as a luxury silk textile for its fine texture and durability.


Paper Yanagiu-washiYanagiu-washi is a strong, high quality paper produced in the Yanagiu area, which has abundant clean groundwater. It has been handed down from the period of Sendai's first lord Date Masamune.