Updated: January 31, 2017



Academic City

Tohoku UniversitySendai is well known as an academic city, with many universities and research institutions that have attracted tens of thousands of students and researchers from all over Japan and the world. Among these institutions, Tohoku University has made especially remarkable advances in academic research. The university is one of the most frequently cited institutions in the world in metallic materials research and produces outstanding results in semiconductor and optical communications.

Industrial Academic Joint Projects

Sendai actively promotes joint research projects that aim to commercialize innovative research in local institutions. Industry, academia, and government are cooperating to provide support for ambitious small and venture businesses, in order to facilitate the creation of revolutionary technologies and new industries through unique research.

Sendai-Finland Well-being Center Project

Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center ProjectSendai is collaborating with the Finnish government to establish the Sendai-Finland Wellbeing Center(External link). This center functions as a nucleus to advance the research and development of wellbeing equipment that utilizes information and communication technology while generating high added value. The health and welfare industry is expected to achieve massive growth in the coming years. Sendai aims to create a cluster of health and welfare industries through this project. Additionally, collaborative efforts between Finnish and local industries will make local industries more competitive and internationalized.