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Disaster Information

Evacuation Tips (during an earthquake)

Help each other during evacuation
It is impossible to know where danger can be in a crowded town. If you are alone, you can become confused and fail to make correct judgment. First, gather in a park or wide space where you can be safe for the meantime. Check each other’s safety and work with others when evacuating.

Evacuate after making your house safe
Shut down the main power breaker and close the main gas valve to avoid current and gas leaks. Post a notice in a clearly visible place that tells where you have evacuated to and how to contact you.

Carry your luggage on your back when evacuating
If your hands are full with luggage, your movement will be limited during an emergency. Put emergency items in backpacks so you can carry them on your back.

Avoid hazardous places
Stone walls and vending machines easily fall over and are hazardous, so keep at a good distance. Power lines may be hanging near electricity poles that have fallen down. Take utmost care.

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