Updated: April 2, 2023


7.Bulky Waste Guide

What is bulky waste?

Length Items measuring approximately 30cm or longer at the longest point
Weight An item weighing up to 100kg

CautionYou cannot put out items that are not collected by the City Government.

※When you want to get rid of waste in a large quantity, you can apply for collection as extra waste.It is also possible to bring waste in yourself to a Sendai City waste disposal facility.

How to dispose of bulky waste

CautionPlease dispose of waste after you have applied for pickup. Waste will not be collected until you apply.

CautionPickup dates are set. Waste cannot be collected immediately after an application is submitted. Please apply for pickup ahead of time.

1.Apply to the Bulky Waste Reception Center for pickup

How to apply by phone (Japanese only)

  • Please tell the operator the details of the bulky waste you want to dispose of.
  • The operator will provide information about a pickup date, fee payment, your application number, and preparation required for pickup.



Hours / Monday to Friday, 9:00~17:00

※Applications are also accepted on holidays.

※The reception center is closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and between December 29th and January 3rd.

How to apply online (Japanese only)

CautionInformation about points to be aware of, pickup date, fee payment, and preparation required for pickup can be found on the website. Please be sure to read this information carefully before applying (waste may not be collected if there are errors during this process.)

2.Pay the fee

Please purchase a “Bulky Waste Disposal Fee Prepaid Label” (sticker) at stores that display a sign as shown on the right, such as a convenience store, for the amount you were told when you applied for pickup.

CautionThe “Bulky Waste Disposal Fee Prepaid Label” cannot be refunded or reissued.

3.Put out bulky waste for pickup

Please write your application number on the “Bulky Waste Disposal Fee Prepaid Label” and stick it on the bulky waste where it can be easily seen. Please put your bulky waste out by 8時30分 on the morning of the pickup day. Please place the bulky waste at the appointed place you were told when you applied for pickup (for example, outside your house.)

CautionBe sure to remove dry batteries from the waste and empty kerosene from containers.

CautionBulky waste will not be collected if a “Bulky Waste Disposal Fee Prepaid Label” (sticker) is not stuck on.

CautionEven if a sticker is stuck on, bulky waste will not be collected unless your application number is written on in.

 Examples of bulky waste disposal fees (these fees are the amount that must be paid to dispose of bulky waste)

Fees are set according to the types of articles and size.

※Tree branches from your garden can be collected for free of charge from May to November if you apply to the Bulky Waste Reception Center.


Antennas, Gas cooktops, Stackable storage boxes, Stepladders, Suitcases, Tricycles, Bicycles, Carpets (2.7x3.6m or smaller), Containers, Lighting fixtures, Ricecookers, Heating stoves (excluding FF fan heaters), Fans, Vacuums, Tables (1.5m or smaller in diagonal length or diameter), Electric pots, Pipe hangers, Videodecks, Fax machines, Futon bedding (up to 3), Baby beds (excluding spring mattresses), Mini-component systems, Washing-line poles, Chairs (excluding sofas) etc.


Woodmats (2.7x3.6m or smaller), Audio racks, Kitchen racks, Carpets (larger than 2.7x3.6m), Recliners, Microwave ovens, FF fan heaters, etc.


Wood mats (larger than 2.7x3.6m), Sofas (for two people or more), Desks (excluding those with drawers on both sides), Tables (1.5m or longer in diagonal length or diameter), Single Beds(excluding spring mattresses), etc.


Desks(with drawers on both sides), Double beds (excluding spring mattresses), etc.


Spring mattresses (including bed frames)

※Door-to-door collection of tree branches from your garden is available for free if you apply to the Bulky Waste Reception Center.