Updated: April 2, 2023


1. The Basics for Sorting and Disposing of Recyclables and Waste

To conserve resources, please sort waste into recyclable and non- recyclable items. When disposing of recyclables, sort them by type before putting them out for collection.

Items that should be put out at your waste collection point (designated site)

Non-recyclable items

Household waste

Collected twice a week Waste Collection Points

Recyclable items

Plastic Wasteプラ資源 Collected once a week Plastic Waste Guide

Recyclable items

Cans, bottles, PET bottles and batteries Guideビン缶ペット電池 Collected once a week Cans, Bottles, PET Bottle and batteries Guide

Recyclable items

Paper materials Collected twice a month Paper Material Guide

Items that should be put out at a separate designated point after you apply for pickup

Bulky waste

Bulky Waste Guide

Items that are not collected by the City Government

TV sets, Refrigerators / Freezers, Airconditioners, Washing machines / Clothes dryers

How to put out waste


How to put out waste

Items that pose difficulties for the City Government to handle

市で集めないもの How to put out waste

Waste from shops, businesses, schools and establishments other than households

How to put out waste