Updated: November 22, 2021


11.List of Contacts for Inquiries

If you are not able to speak in Japanese, please ask a person who can speak Japanese to make the call for you.

About the types of waste and how to put them out

Please contact your nearest Collection Office or the Household Waste Reduction Section

Aoba Ward

Aoba Collection Office


FAX 022–277–8750

Miyagino Ward

Miyagino Collection Office


FAX 022–236–6123

Wakabayashi Ward

Wakabayashi Collection Office


FAX 022–289–5775

Taihaku Ward

Taihaku Collection Office


FAX 022–248–5361

Izumi Ward

Izumi Collection Office


FAX 022–373–1156

Environmental Bureau

Household Waste Reduction Section


FAX 022–214–8277

Application for collection of bulky waste

Bulky Waste Reception Center Tel022–716–5301

Death of animals: cremation of pets

Sendai City Pet Funeral Hall Tel022-373-7469

Volunteer cleaning

Household Waste Reduction Section Tel022-214-8250 FAX 022-214-8277

Designated prepaid garbage bags

Household Waste Reduction Section Tel022-214-8226 FAX 022-214-8277

About recycling

Household Waste Reduction Section Tel022-214-8229 FAX 022-214-8277

You can bring in unwanted recyclable articles such as furniture, clothing, etc. Once a month, anyone can apply to win these items by a lottery system.

Kuzuoka Recycling Plaza Tel022-277-8573 FAX022-277-4638

Imaizumi Recycling Plaza Tel022-289-6401 FAX 022-289-6402

Sendai City Licensed waste haulers (general waste collectors / haulers)by area

1 Aoba Ward (except area 5), Miyagino Ward, Wakabayashi Ward The area roughly north of Minamimachi-dori Avenue and Shintera-dori Avenue Sendai Seiso Kosha Tel022–236–6543
2 Aoba Ward (except area 5), Miyagino Ward, Wakabayashi Ward The area roughly south of Minamimachi-dori Avenue and Shintera-dori Avenue Kougai Shori Center Tel022–289–6111
3 Taihaku Ward (except area 5) Kougai Shori Center Tel022–289–6111
4 Izumi Ward Izumi Corporation Tel022–376–4753
5 Within the territories of Miyagi General Branch and Akiu General Branch. Miyagi Eisei Kankyo Kosha Tel022–393–2216


Mori-no-miyako Teach Me Helpline ☎ 022-398-4894

Please call the Sendai City General Call Center “Mori-no-miyako Teach Me Helpline” if you have questions about matters such as procedures at the city hall or ward offices.

Available support languages:
Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepali

Operation Hours: Weekdays 8:00 - 20:00
Weekends, National holidays, and New Year holidays (Dec. 29 to Jan. 3) 8:00 - 17:00
☎ 022-398-4894 (Available Daily)

Interpretation Support Hotline (External link) Tel022–224–1919

If you do not speak Japanese and need language support, please call the Sendai Multicultural Center's Interpretation Support Hotline.
☎ 022-224-1919