Updated: April 2, 2023


4.Plastic Waste Guide

Items accepted for waste collection

  • Items that are 100% made of plastic materials that have the plastics logo printed on them.
  • All items with the logo (Plastic container / packaging marks) which indicates plastic containers and packaging.
  • Containers and packaging refers to any articles containing goods (containers) or packaging goods(packaging) that are no longer required after the goods contained in them are removed.

Items with this logo

  • Items made from plastic materials that do not have the plastics logo printed on them.

Where to put out waste

  • Waste collection point
  • Your waste collection point is specified. Please ask a neighbor where you should put out waste.

What days collection occurs

  • Once a week. Collection days are set for each district.
  • The collection day is written on a sticker at the waste collection point. Please put out waste after checking the information.
  • If you do not know your collection day, for example if there is no sticker, please contact the Collection Office in the area where you live. (Phone calls can only be made in Japanese.)
  • Waste is also collected on holidays. However, collection days may change during the year-end and New Year Holidays.

What time to put out waste

  • Please put out the garbage bags and packaging by 8:30 on the morning of the collection day.

CautionPlease do not put waste out on the day before collection or after it has been collected. Following the rules will keep the collection point clean for your neighborhood.

How to put out waste

  • Please put waste in a prepaid garbage bag designated by Sendai City and fasten the bag before putting it out for collection.pura_siteibukuro_musubi.png


  • Waste that is not placed in designated prepaid garbage bags will not be collected.
  • Any waste improperly put out will not be collected.
  • To prevent crows and other animals from scattering waste, please put out the garbage bags according to your waste collection day and time.
  • Do not include small rechargeable batteries in your waste! If you do, there is a dangerous risk of ignition or explosion during waste collection and processing.
  • It is a violation of the regulations not to use the designated prepaid garbage bags. Please note that plastic shopping bags from convenience stores,etc. cannot used.集積所プラ (Where to buy the designated prepaid garbage bags, the prices, etc.)batteries

Examples and instructions for putting out waste

Empty the contents, rinse or wipe the soiled surface, and remove any metal or paper components.

Bottles for sauce, detergent, etc.

Tubes for mayonnaise, etc.

Plastic cups for instant noodles, pudding, etc.

Egg cartons

Bags for bread, candies, etc.

Plastic shopping bags received from shops

Food trays

Tops and labels of PET bottles

CautionPlease put out items other than plastics as household waste.

Large polystyrene boxes


To putout a polystyrene box that is too large for a designated prepaid garbage bag, please affix a designated prepaid garbage bag (large) with adhesive tape where it is easily visible and tie with string both vertically and horizontally.

CautionPlease make sure there is nothing left in the box.

Stationery, toys, etc. 文具等

Recyclable plastic items that are used in outdoor settings such as planters, watering cans, dustpans, etc.

Storage products, bathroom and toiletry products, etc. 風呂用品
Kitchenware 台所用品

Items not accepted as plastic containers and packaging

PET bottles (Those with a PET mark logo)

Please put them out on your waste collection days for cans and bottles.

Remaining contents

Please remove contents.
Extremely dirty items If you cannot clean items described above by washing or wiping them with a cloth, please dispose of them as household waste.

 For small rechargeable batteries, portable chargers which the battery or rechargeable battery cannot be easily detached from the main unit, etc., please refer to the “Cans, Bottles, PET Bottles and Batteries Guide”.