Updated: April 2, 2023



 Violating the laws (Punishment by imprisonment of up to 5 years or a fine of up to \10mil. etc.)

If you put out waste in a place and a manner not conforming to the rules, you shall be punished by law. (Illegal dumping)

It is against the law to dump items that should be put out at a waste collection point, such as household waste or plastic Waste, at a site other than the designated locations.
It is against the law to put out items that are not collected by the City Government like TV sets, or bulky waste without following the set procedures.
If you burn waste in an incinerator not conforming to the approved structures, you shall be punished by law.(Illegal incineration)
Although a small open-air fire and a camp fire are permitted as exceptions, make necessary precautions so that you do not trouble your neighbors with odor or smoke emissions.


50 designated prepaid garbage bags for household waste (middle-sized) will be distributed to those who need to use disposable diapers.

Who can apply / How to apply

The elderly and disabled people who are provided with disposable diapers by the City Government (bags will be distributed once a year).

Please apply using the application form that will be sent to you by the ward office.

Families with children under one year old (bags will be distributed one time before children reach their first birthday).

Please apply using the application form in the booklet that comes with your maternal and child health handbook.

For more details

Please call the Household Waste Reduction Section: Tel022-214-8226 (Japanese only)

Death of animals (cremation of pets)

If your pet dies, please contact Sendai City Pet Funeral Hall by phone. You can either have your pet’s body picked up or bring it in yourself.

Fees apply in both cases. Please check the fees when applying.

If you want to bring back the ashes or have your pet’s body cremated alone, please request this when you apply.

Where to apply (please apply for collection in Japanese)

Sendai City Pet Funeral Hall

Lacation:7-1Abiko, Matsumori, Izumi Ward Tel022–373-7469


Monday to Saturday, 8:30~17:00(The funeral hall is closed on Sundays, holidays, and between December 31stand January 3rd.)

  • If you want to bring in your pet’s body yourself, please take it directly to the Pet Funeral Hall between 9:00 and 16:15.

 Waste and Recyclables Sorting App “threeR”

 “threeR” is a free smartphone app with functions to search for waste sorting methods and informs you of collection dates for recyclables and waste.
The Sendai version app can be used in both Japanese and English free of charge.
You can search for “threeR” on the App Store or Google Play Store to download it.
It is also downloadable from the following two-dimensional code.

QRcode iPhone QRcode Android
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Waste reduction target for household waste in Sendai City:
400g or less per person per day