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 Life in Sendai Guide

Life in SendaiInformation about daily life that might be helpful to foreign residents in Sendai can be found on this website.

Emergencies, Daily life, Health Management, Children, Transportation, Information

For details, click here: LIFE IN SENDAI( External link )

 Public Health Insurance

Japan's public medical insurance is divided into two main programs, “health insurance” and “national health insurance”.

Please show your health insurance certificate when you visit the first time and the first time of the month to the people at the medical institution’s reception desk.

Health Insurance

Insurance premiums are paid by you and your employer. The insured usually pays 30% of medical costs to the hospital, clinic or other medical institution they visit. Ask your employer for information about insurance when you begin working.

National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance GuideThe National Health Insurance(NHI)Plan is a mutual assistance program provided to anyone who is not already enrolled in a health insurance plan at their place of employment. Insurance premiums are to be paid on a regular basis to alleviate the cost of medical treatment in case of illness or injury.

Each resident applies for these programs at the ward office/general branch which has jurisdiction over your place of residence.

【National Health Insurance Guidebook】



For details, click here:

Resident Tax

An individual that has residence in a given municipality as of January 1st of a given year is required to pay the “inhabitant tax”(the term used for the combined prefectural tax and municipal tax)for said municipality. Inhabitant tax is calculated based on an individual’s income from the previous year (from January to December). Those with an annual income under a certain amount will not be taxed.

Individuals that have an address within city limits are required to submit an income report form to the Inhabitant Tax Section, City of Sendai(North Bldg)by March, 15th every year. Individuals in the previous year that only earned income from their employer and have their inhabitant tax form submitted for them by their place of employment or have already filed an income tax return are not required to file for inhabitant tax.

Even if you have no income(including foreign exchange students with scholarships or financial support from a parent), you still are required to file for the inhabitant tax in order to provide a baseline from which National Health Insurance, Nursing Insurance and National Pension Insurance premiums are calculated.

Where to file:
Sendai City Inhabitant Tax Section (5F of North Bldg.)

Residents in Aoba Ward and Izumi Ward: Tel 022-214-8637
Residents in Miyagino Ward, Wakabayashi Ward and Taihaku Ward: Tel 022-214-8638

 Municipal Housing

For applications, please refer to the following information:.


 Garbage & Recycling

Mebius-chanHousehold garbage is collected by municipalities (city, town or village), which must be put out on set days and in a prescribed manner.
Please check the locations, days and times of garbage collection as well as garbage separation policies.

For details, click here:
Guide for sorting recyclables and waste, and how to put them out for collection in Sendai(日本語/English/简体中文/한국어)

 Bus & Subway


Official website of Sendai city Transportation Bureau about bus and subway. (日本語/English)
For details, click here: Sendai city Transportation Bureau official website(External link)


Multi-language Traffic Safety Video “Do you know about the rules for riding a bicycle?”

Traffic Safety VideoMulti-language Traffic Safety Video “Do you know about the rules for riding a bicycle?”

Produced by Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association(SenTIA)

Youtube iconAvailable online via YouTube.(7 minutes)(separate window)

にほんご(日本語)(External link)English(英語)(External link)中文(中国語)(External link)नेपाली भाषा(ネパール語)(External link)Tiếng Viêt(ベトナム語)(External link) 

Removal of illegally parked bicycles and motorcycles

BicyclePublic parking lots are provided by the City of Sendai near subway stations and downtown areas.

Illegally parked bicycles in prohibited/regulated areas will be removed and disposed of after a 30 day period of being impounded unless claimed back.

Illegally parked bicycles in the parking prohibited/regulated areas will be removed and disposed after 30 days of confiscation at a depository unless claim back.

For details, click here: Parking for Bicycles & MotorcyclesRemoval for unlawfully parked bicycles and motorcycles

 Neighborhood Associations(Chonai-kai)

In Japan, most municipalities (city, ward, town or village) have a community association called Chonai-kai (town association) or Jichi-kai (residents’ association). Neighborhood Association (Chonai-kai) is a resident organization which engages in volunteer activities to make a better community and deepen the sense of solidarity between local residents through daily interaction.

They engage in posting informative bulletins, (called Kairanban, to pass on notifications from the municipal administrative office or public health center door-to-door) and play an active role in crime prevention, disaster drills, and neighborhood social events such as festivals.

For details, click here:

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