Updated: September 20, 2016


August 2014

Inhabitant Tax Payments

Please make the second FY 2014 Inhabitant Tax payment at your closest financial institution by September 1st(Mon.). If paying by bank transfer, the transaction will be processed on September 1th .

Inquiries: Tax Payment and Administration Section
Tel: 022-214-1010

Sendai City Bus & Subway Schedule during the Obon Period(August 13th – 16th)

  • Sendai City Bus: Buses will run on the Saturday schedule on August 13th(Wed.), and run on the holiday schedule from August 14th(Thur.)to August 16th(Sat.).
    The number of buses on some routes will be increased during morning commuting hours.
  • Sendai City Subway: From August 13th(Wed.)to August 16th(Sat.),the subway will run on the Saturday/holiday schedule. One additional train will be available after the regular last train of the Saturday/holiday schedule on August 15th(Fri.) .

Inquiries: Transportation Bureau Information Center
Tel: 022-222-2256

Do not forget to submit documents for the Child-Rearing Allowance and Special Child-Rearing Allowance

Sendai City has sent documents for the Child-Rearing Allowance to single-parent households with children under 18, and documents for the Special Child-Rearing Allowance to households with children with disabilities to confirm whether said households are eligible to receive these allowances. Please complete the documents and submit them in person(please do not send by post).

  • Submission Period:【Child-Rearing Allowance】
    August 1st to August 29th
    【Special Child-Rearing Allowance】
    August 11th to September 10th
    *Documents are only accepted during office hours.
  • Inquiries: Family Health Section of Ward Offices
    Health and Welfare Section of General Branch Offices

Now accepting applications for Temporary Welfare Benefits and Special Benefits for Child Rearing Households - Application deadline: January 28th (Wed.), 2015 -

Since July 25th, Sendai City has sent out the application forms for Temporary Welfare Benefits and Special Benefits for Child Rearing Household to those eligible for said benefits. If you believe you are eligible for these benefits, but have not received an application form by August 11th, or you lost the application delivered to you, please contact us. For details such as eligibility for the benefits, please see the Japanese version of the Sendai City Newsletter, or contact us.
Please send applications back to us in the provided envelope by the deadline together with all other required documents, such as a copy of your bank book after checking the contents of the form and filling in your account details.
Please note that it may take time(over a month and a half)until you receive the first benefit payment in your account as it may take time to process applications in the short period following the opening of the application period.
Please also note that if you fail to submit your application by the deadline it will be considered that you have declined the benefits.
Please beware of benefit fraud
Please remember that city staff or officials of the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry will never ask you to perform any operations at ATMs or ask you to provide personal information(such as your family information or bank account number). Furthermore, they will never ask you to transfer a commission charge in order for you to be provided with the benefits.

Inquiries: Temporary Benefit Hotline Tel. 022-745-7584(weekdays 8:30 – 19:00)
*The hotline is also accessible on Saturdays and Sundays until August 10th. From September 1st onwards it is accessible until 17:00.