Updated: September 20, 2016


January 2014

Please use the loan system to Fund School Entry

  • Eligibility: Families who have been residing in Sendai for 6 months or longer at the time of application and cannot afford the expenses of their child entering elementary school or junior high school.
  • There is an application screening process.
  • You must have a guarantor living in Sendai.
  • Application Period: from January 15 to March 31, 2014
  • For information on the application process, or for further details, please call or inquire at your local Sendai City Social Welfare Council in person:
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Aoba Ward Tel. 022-265-5260
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Aoba Ward Miyagi Branch Tel. 022-392-7868
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Miyagino Ward Tel. 022-256-3650
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Wakabayashi Ward Tel. 022-282-7971
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Taihaku Ward Tel. 022-248-8188
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Izumi Ward Tel. 022-372-1581

Please Stick to the City Rules when Disposing Bulky Waste

When you want to put out bulky waste, please first apply to the Bulky Waste Reception Center for collection. Alternatively, you can ask the Waste Collection Offices or the correct waste collection authorities to collect it. Please note that it is prohibited by law for unauthorized parties to charge for collecting waste(and for those who put out the waste to pay said unauthorized parties).
Waste collection authorities do not drive around in trucks making announcement via loudspeaker, or hand out fliers. If you are asked to pay for collecting your waste by unauthorized parties driving around in trucks, please inform us.
Inquires: Waste Supervision Section Tel. 022-214-8227

National Pension Payments Begin when You Turn 20 Years Old

For those who have turned 20 years old and are not registered for an employee pension or mutual aid association pension program, please join the National Pension Program. National Pension will not only be provided to elderly policy holders, but also to policy holders that develop a disability, or to their bereaved families in the event of the policy holder’s death. Pension fee reduction is available to those who are experiencing difficulties paying their fees, so please contact the following offices for further details.(Please note that your income will be examined in the screening process.)
Inquiries: National Health Insurance and Pension Section of Ward Offices and Miyagi General Branch office, Public Health and Welfare Section of Akiu General Branch Office

Please Be Sure to File and Pay Your Taxes

Tax returns and payments are due by Monday, March 17 for income tax and gift tax, and by March 31 for consumption tax and local consumption tax.
Inquiries: Tel. 022- 222-8121 Sendai-kita Tax Office
Tel. 022-783-7831 Sendai-naka Tax Office
Tel. 022- 306-8001 Sendai-minami Tax Office

Inhabitant(Resident)Tax Must Be Paid by January 31

Please make your fourth FY2013 Inhabitant(Resident)Tax payment at your closest financial institution by Friday, January 31.
Inquiries: Tax Payment and Administration Section Tel. 022-214-1010

Currently Taking Applications for Municipal Housing(for Families with Small Children): Applications Accepted until January 16

The Application Guide for Sendai City Municipal Housing will be available from January 6 at the following locations:

  • Application Section of Sendai City Construction Corporation, Sendai City Hall Kokubuncho Office 2nd Floor
  • Shimin-no-heya, Sendai City Hall 1st Floor
  • Information Desk of each Ward Office
  • General Branch Office
  • Family Registration Section Sendai Station Service Center, Aoba Ward Office (5th Floor of AER)
  • Certificate Issuance Center
  • Chuo-Shimin Center of each ward
  • Miyagi Housing Construction Center
  • Municipal Housing Management Office
  • How to apply: Choose one municipal housing unit, fill out the application form attached to the application guide and post it in the provided envelope by January 16. In the event that there are more applications than available housing, applications will be chosen by lottery
  • Earliest move-in date: March 25(tentative)
    Applications from those who lost their houses in the Great East Japan Earthquake and those from the restricted habitation area designated by the Act on Special Measure for the Rebirth of Fukushima are also accepted but differ in requirements. Please contact us for details.
  • For further information including number of available units, rent and eligibility, please see the application guide or contact us.
  • Please contact us regarding the eligibility of applications from victims of domestic violence.

Inquiries: Application Section of Sendai City Construction Corporation Tel. 022-214-3604

Taking Applications for Kid’s Club Members for FY2014

The Kid’s Club after school daycare center is now taking applications for first to third graders whose parents or guardians are unable to take care of them after school due to work or other reasons. Through various activities and games, we aim to encourage the mental and physical development of the children. For information such as the number of openings, directly contact each center.

  • Fee: 3,000 yen/ month(fee reductions are available for low income households)