Updated: September 20, 2016


February 2015

Filing a Tax Return for Municipal and Prefectural Tax

[Those who are required to file a municipal and prefectural tax return]
Those who lived in Sendai as of January 1, 2015 and to whom the below does not apply.
*Please be aware that you are required to file the tax return even if you did not earn any income during FY 2014. If you do not file a tax return, Sendai City may not be able to issue you a certificate of tax exemption or other documents.

[Those who are not required to file a municipal and prefectural tax return]
Those who file an income tax return and their dependent family members
Those who earn a salary but whose place of employment submitted a “Salary Payment Report”to Sendai City, and their dependent family members

Please Be Sure to File and Pay Your Taxes

Tax returns and payments are due by March 16 for income tax and gift tax, and by March 31 for consumption tax and local consumption tax. The tax form is available on the tax form creating page on the website of the National Tax Agency. We recommend that you file the form as early as possible.

Inquiries: Tel. 022- 222-8121 Sendai-kita Tax Office
Tel. 022-783-7831 Sendai-naka Tax Office
Tel. 022- 306-8001 Sendai-minami Tax Office

Information Regarding Support for Disaster Victims

Applications are currently being taken for the 3rd General Lottery for Disaster Reconstruction Municipal Housing(Individual/Group Application). Applications period is from February 23 to March 6.

For further information including number of available units, rent and eligibility, please see the Japanese version of the Sendai City Newsletter, the application packet of the Disaster Reconstruction Municipal Housing, or contact us.

Inquiries: Disaster Reconstruction Municipal Housing Section Tel. 022-214-8333

The application period for Life Rebuilding Assistance for Disaster Victims (Basic Assistance Money) has been extended by a year.

Application deadline:
(Basic Assistance Money) April 10, 2016
(Additional Assistance Money) April 10, 2018

Please complete the necessary procedures if you are eligible, but have not applied for assistance money yet.
Please note that these are not additional payments for those who have already received relief money for disaster victims.

Inquiries: Disaster Victims Support Information Hotline Tel. 022-214-3805

Financial Assistance for School Entrants

  • Eligibility: Low-income households(excluding households on welfare)with children who will start elementary school or junior high school in April and that meet one of the following conditions:
    1. Households that receive financial assistance for school enrollment fees
    2. Households that cease to receive public assistance within fiscal year 2014
    3. Households that receive a Child-Rearing Allowance
    4. Households that fall under a certain income bracket(including income of a guardian who lives away from home for work)
  • There is an application screening process.
  • Amount: 22,000 yen per elementary school child, 27,000 yen per junior high school child
  • Application Period: March 2-July 31
  • What to Bring: Any documents proving the above conditions and Resident record for all household members
  • Where to Apply: Administration Section, Public Health and Welfare Center of your local ward office

Loan System to Help Fund School Entry

  • Eligibility: Families who have been residing in Sendai for 6 months or longer at the time of application and cannot afford the expenses of their child entering elementary school or junior high school.
  • There is an application screening process.
  • You must have a guarantor living in Sendai.
  • Application Period: by March 31, 2015
  • For information on the application process, or for further details, please call or inquire at your local Sendai City Social Welfare Council in person:
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Aoba Ward Tel. 022-265-5260
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Aoba Ward Miyagi Branch Tel. 022-392-7868
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Miyagino Ward Tel. 022-256-3650
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Wakabayashi Ward Tel. 022-282-7971
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Taihaku Ward Tel. 022-248-8188
    Sendai City Social Welfare Council, Izumi Ward Tel. 022-372-1581

Measles and Rubella Vaccinations



First Term

Children aged 12 months to 23 months old

Second Term

Children scheduled to enter elementary school in April 2015
(Those who were born between April 2, 2008 and April 1, 2009)

  • Vaccination Period:
    First Term: As soon as possible after your child’s first birthday
    Second Term: by March 31, 2015
  • Vaccinations can be received at registered medical institutions. Reservations may be required, so please call before you visit.
  • Things to Bring: Maternal and Child Health Handbook, measles/rubella vaccination coupon from Maternal and Child Health Handbook(fill out and detach), health insurance card
    Inquiries:Home Health Section of Ward Offices,
    Public Health and Welfare Section of General Branch Offices

Konan Emergency Medical Care Clinic is Now Closed

Konan Emergency Medical Care Clinic is temporarily closed due to preparation for moving.