Updated: September 20, 2016


September 2015

Population Census

Sendai City will conduct a population census for residents of Sendai. Please provide information about your present situation as of October 1st.

  • You can Participate in the Census Online.
    A census taker will visit each house and hand out a census document called ‘A guide to the Online Census’ starting from early September. Please answer the online census by September 20th. A census official will distribute paper census forms to households who did not participate in the online census. The paper census can be submitted directly to the census official when they revisit, or sent it by post.
  • Personal Information is heavily protected.
  • Please be aware of fraudulent surveys where someone pretends to be a census official in order to obtain personal information.
  • Census officials wear a Census Official Identification Card(with a photo), and an arm badge. Census officials never ask you for money, bank account information, or credit card information.
    Census Call Center(Until October 31st)
    Tel: 0570-07-2015 or 03-4330-2015
    Inquiries:General Affairs Section of each ward office or general branch office
    Public Consultation and Statistics Section
    Tel: 022-214-1258

New National Health Insurance Cards

Sendai City will send out new national health insurance cards by the end of September by registered mail. If your card is delivered to you when you are not home, the post office will hold your mail. If you do not have it redelivered or collect it from the post office by the set date, please contact the National Health Insurance and Pension Section of your local ward office or the Miyagi General Branch Office, or the Health and Welfare Section of Akiu General Branch Office.

In the event that there are 3 or 4 members of your household to be covered by National Health Insurance, the new cards will be delivered in two separate letters.

Inquiries: National Health Insurance and Pension Section, Ward Offices
National Health Insurance and Pension Section, Miyagi General Branch Office
Public Health and Welfare Section, Akiu General Branch Office

Sendai City will start sending out notification cards for your Individual Number(nicknamed My Number). Those who live at an address different to that on their residence card should visit the following office and complete the appropriate procedures by September 25th.

Beginning in October, Sendai City will send out notification cards for your Identification Number to the address on your resident record by registered mail. Those who live at a different address to that on their Resident Record should notify the Family and Resident Registration Section of the ward office in which you currently live of a change of address.(For victims of domestic violence, support measures such as restrictions on perpetrators with regard to the issuance of copies of resident records etc. are available.)If any of the three items below are applicable to you, you can change the address that the notification card will be sent to by application.

  • 1) Are a victim of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, and have fled from your home.
  • 2) Are a victim of domestic violence, stalking, or child abuse and have fled your home.
  • 3) Are living on your own in a care facility, or have been(and are still)hospitalised for long time.

*You must be a registered resident of Sendai City regardless of which item is applicable to you. Those who are not a registered resident of Sendai City should apply to the municipality in which they are registered.
Applications: Please fill out the relevant application form which is distributed at the following offices and the Family and Resident Registration Section of each ward office.(Application forms can also be downloaded from the Sendai City official website. You can also have the application form sent to you by mail upon request.)Please bring or post the application form together with a form of ID, such as a driver’s license, and a copy of a document that proves you live at your current address, such as a public utility payment receipt, to the Family and Resident Registration Section of the ward office in the ward in which you currently reside in by September 25th.

Inquiries: For 1) and 3), Ward Administration Section
Tel: 022-214-6126

For 2) (Victims of domestic violence or stalking etc.), Gender Equal Opportunity Section
Tel: 022-214-6143
(Victims of child abuse etc.), Child Raising Support Section
Tel: 022-214-8202
For 3) Information Policy Section
Tel: 022-214-1250

Applications for Temporary Welfare Benefits are Being Accepted

Sendai City began to send out application forms to those who may be eligible for temporary welfare benefits at the end of August. If you are eligible, but haven’t received the application form by September 11th, please contact the following office.

  • Application deadline: 25th January 2016
  • The benefits will be deposited in the account you specify from October onwards.
    Inquiries: Temporary Benefit Hotline Tel. 022-745-7570 (weekdays 8:30-17:00)

Have you Applied for Citizens’ Health Checkups?

Applications are required to receive Sendai City’s various cancer screenings and basic health checkups. Applications for some of the checkups must arrive by September 30th. Application guides are now available at your local ward office, general branch office, and Shimin centers. It is recommended to take all checkups available.

Inquiries: Home Health Section of ward offices
Public Health and Welfare Section of general branch offices

BCG Vaccinations

  • Eligibility: BCG vaccinations are given to children under the age of one
    (the standard age for BCG vaccinations is five to seven months old).
  • Things to bring: Maternal and Child Health(MCH)Handbook, BCG vaccination coupon from the MCH Handbook voucher packet(please fill out and detach)
  • Please wait at least 28 days after your child receives a live vaccine(such as polio)or seven days after your child receives an inactive vaccine(such as DPT-IPV) for BCG vaccinations.
  • BCG vaccinations:
    Aoba Ward Office 2F: October 5th(Mon.)14:00-15:00
    Health Examination Room, East Building of Izumi Ward Office 2F: September 30th(Wed.)14:00-15:00
    Miyagino Ward Office 3F: September 16th(Wed.)14:00-15:00
    Taihaku Ward Office 3F: October 5th(Mon.)9:00-10:30
    Wakabayashi Ward Office 3F: September 18th(Fri.)14:00-15:00
  • Please go directly to the vaccination site.(No appointment is necessary)
  • BCG vaccinations may be received outside your ward of residence.
    For details, please contact:
    Home Health Section of ward offices
    Public Health and Welfare Section of general branch offices