Updated: September 20, 2016


April 2013

Garbage collection from April 29 to May 6

Household waste, plastic containers and packaging, cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, dry cells and paper materials will be collected as usual on weekends and holidays. Please set out your garbage at designated collection areas on designated collection days from early morning to 8:30 a.m.

Inquiries: Your local Environmental Office
Aoba Environmental Office Tel. 277-5300
Miyagino Environmental Office Tel. 236-5300
Wakabayashi Environmental Office Tel. 289-2051
Taihaku Environmental Office Tel. 248-5300
Izumi Environmental Office Tel. 773-5300
Waste Supervision Section Tel. 214-8227

Interest subsidies for National Education Loans

Sendai City will subsidize the interest paid on general education loans(National Education Loans)from the Japan Finance Corporation while your child is in high school.

  • Application Period: July-December. Details will be announced as soon as they are available.
  • Eligibility: Guardians of high school students who reside in Sendai.
  • Qualifications such as income and payment of city taxes apply.

Please refer to the Sendai City Newsletter(Japanese version)or contact the following office for details.

InquiriesSchool Affairs Section
Tel. 022-214-8861

Financial assistance for school materials and lunch fees

Guardians of students attending public elementary or junior high schools or Sendai Seiryo Junior High School(first term only)who are having a hard time sending their children to school due to financial difficulties are eligible to apply for assistance.

Eligibility:Households with a yearly income below a given level
Households receiving a child-rearing allowance
Households that no longer receive a welfare allowance

Please enquire for details.

Applications: Please contact your child’s school directly.
Inquiries: School Affairs Section
Tel. 022-214-8861

Medical check-up subsidy for National Health Insurance policyholders

Sendai City subsidizes basic health check-ups and cancer screenings for National Health Insurance policyholders.

For information on age requirements and subsidy amounts, please read the “Shimin-kenshin-no-moushikomi-annai“(Medical Check-up Application Guide)distributed with the Sendai City Newsletter(Japanese version).

Inquiries: Home Health Section of each Ward Office
Public Health and Welfare Section of each General Branch Office


The vaccination system will be changed due to amendments to the vaccination law. An appointment may be required to receive a vaccination, so please contact your registered vaccination medical institution prior to your visit.

  • Hib vaccine, pneumococcus vaccine for children, and HPV vaccine(cervical cancer vaccine) are now considered regular preventative vaccines.
  • Japanese encephalitis vaccine
    From FY 2005 to FY 2009, the administration of Japanese encephalitis vaccine had been suspended. However, a new vaccine has been approved and is now being administered.
  • Chickenpox and mumps vaccine(voluntary)

The vaccination fee will be determined in July.

For details such as eligibility please refer to the Sendai City Newsletter(Japanese version)or enquire at the following sections.

Inquiries: Home Health Section of each Ward Office
Public Health and Welfare Section of each General Branch Office

Temporary, one-time, and holiday childcare at nursery schools

Temporary childcare and one-time childcare

Temporary childcare and one-time childcare are available for preschool-age children who are otherwise ineligible for nursery school. Guardians who have temporary difficulty taking care of their children due to work, sickness, or injury, or who work 64 hours or more per month are eligible.

Holiday childcare

Holiday childcare is available for preschool-age children on Sundays, national holidays, and year-end and New Year’s holidays. Guardians who cannot take care of their children due to work, sickness, or injury are eligible.

*For details and a list of nursery schools offering the above services, please refer to the Sendai City Newsletter (Japanese version).

FY 2013 Aoba Ward City Development Activity Subsidy

Aoba Ward subsidizes citizens’ independent and creative city development activities.

  • Application Period: April 1st –23rd(excluding closed days)
  • How to Apply: Application forms are available at the Local Community Planning Sections of Aoba Ward Office and Miyagino General Branch Office, and on Aoba Ward’s official website. Bring the completed form to the Local Community Planning Section of Aoba Ward Office in person.

Please refer to the Sendai City Newsletter(Japanese version)for details such as eligible projects and organizations.

Applications & Inquiries: Local Community Planning Section, Aoba Ward Office
Tel. 225-7211 Ext. 6136-6138
Local Community Planning Section, Miyagi General Branch Office
Tel. 392-2111 Ext. 5134

BCG Vaccinations

  • Eligibility: Children six months of age and under(recommended age: three months and over)
    *In cases where vaccination before six months of age is deemed inadvisable due to fever or other medical reasons, Sendai City provides for free vaccinations up to one year of age.
  • Things to bring: Mother and Child Health Handbook, BCG vaccination coupon from Mother and Child Health Handbook(fill out and detach)
  • Please wait 28 days after your child receives a live vaccine(polio or other)or seven days after your child receives an inactive vaccine(such as DPT)for BCG vaccinations.
  • BCG vaccinations may be received outside your ward of residence. For details, please contact:

Inquiries:Home Health Section, each Ward Office
Public Health and Welfare Section, each General Branch Office