Updated: September 20, 2016


October 2013

Inhabitant(Resident)Tax Payments

Please make your third FY2013 Inhabitant(Resident)Tax payment at your closest financial institution by Thursday, October 31. If paying by bank transfer, the transaction will be processed on October 31.

Inquiries: Tax Payment and Administration Section Tel: 214-1010

Specific health guidance of National Health Insurance

Anyone that has had the national health insurance specific health checkup and were judged to be in need of “motivational support” or “active support” are entitled to free specific health guidance from doctors, health nurses and national registered dietitians, all of which will support the improvement of their lifestyle habits. If you are eligible and want to receive the guidance, please collect voucher free of charge at the medical institution where you had your specific health checkups.

Inquiries: Home Health Section, each Ward Office,
Public Health and Welfare Section, each General Branch Office

Nursery school applications for children with disabilities

  • Eligibility: Children who have physical or mental disabilities , are in need of care, and, as of April 1st, 2014, will be at least three years of age(must be able to function in a group environment).
  • Eligible children will be enrolled in certified nursery schools in Sendai City from April 2014.
  • Application Deadline: October 11, 2013.
  • For children under three years old on the specified date, applications will be accepted in November.

Application and Inquiries: Home Health Section, each Ward Office

Health Checkups for Children Enrolling in Elementary School in next spring

  • Eligibility: Children who were born between April 2, 2007 and April 1, 2008.
  • Things to Bring: Health Checkup Notice(Sendai City will send a notice to each eligible child’s home in mid-October), indoor shoes, writing utensils.
  • The school and guardian may need to discuss the results of the checkup, so we ask that a guardian accompany the child.
  • If your child is unable to receive a health checkup at the assigned school, he/she can receive it at any school convenient for them. You must contact both the assigned school and the school where you wish your child to have the health checkup in advance.
  • Please do not bring your car unless absolu電話y necessary.
  • Some schools offer 30-minute parenting lectures for guardians at the time of health checkups.

For more details, please see Japanese newsletter or contact:
Health Education Section Tel: 214-8882

Applications for FY 2014 Kindergarten Enrollment

Kindergartens in Sendai are now accepting applications for FY 2014 enrollments.

  • Eligibility:
    3 years olds born between April 2, 2010 and April 1, 2011
    4 years olds born between April 2, 2009 and April 1, 2010
    5 years olds born in between April 2, 2008 and April 1, 2009
  • There are some kindergartens which provide day care service or accept children who become 3 years old in the middle of the fiscal year.
  • For information about each kindergarten, please see Sendai City’s Official Website.

Please contact the relevant kindergarten for more information.

BCG Vaccinations

  • Eligibility: BCG Vaccinations are given to children under one year of age
    (standard age for BCG Vaccinations: five to seven months old).
  • Things to bring: Mother and Child Health Handbook, BCG vaccination coupon from the Mother and Child Health Handbook(please fill out and detach)
  • Please wait at least 28 days after your child receives a live vaccine(such as polio) or seven days after your child receives an inactive vaccine(such as DPT)for BCG vaccinations.
  • Please go directly to the vaccination cite.
  • BCG vaccination may be received outside your ward of residence. For details, please contact:
    Home Health section, each Word Office
    Public Health and Welfare Section, each General Branch Office