Updated: December 28, 2016


Responsibilities of each bodies pursuant to Fundamental Principles

cf. cf. Article 4 to 6

Responsibility of the Municipality

Establishing and enforcing fundamental and necessary measures to conserve and create a pleasant environment with responsibility

Responsibilities of Corporations

  • Acting what is necessary to prevent environmental pollution and to conserve natural environment with responsibilities
  • Trying to product and sell manufactured goods which make efforts to reduce the environmental load when they are used and abandoned by consumers.
  • Trying to reduce waste of business activities to a minimum and make use of recycled materials, raw materials with consideration to environment and a right way of transportation.
  • Trying positively to conserve and create a pleasant environment and cooperate with the measures implemented by the Municipality.

Responsibilities of Citizens

Trying in daily lives to make a environmental load as little as possible through energy saving, resource saving and reduction of waste.

Trying positively to conserve and create a pleasant environment and cooperate with the measures implemented by the Municipality.

The responsibilities of the Municipality on Article 4 in the Ordinance is expressed in short phrase. But fundamental and general measures covering wide and various areas are explained their fundamental policies and concrete measures after Article 7.
The fundamental policies of measures on Article 7 mentions the following. 1. To keep the elements of nature such as air, water and soil etc. in good condition. 2. To keep ecosystem and variety of creatures and to conserve and recover various natural environment such as in the forest, farmlands and waterside areas etc. 3. To enrich the chances and places to come in touch with nature and to create an attractive urban spaces with natural environment,history and the culture of the "City of Trees". 4. To promoter reduction of waste, recycling of resource and effective utilization of energy and make use of technology in order to conserve and create the environment. 5. To form the society in which the Municipality,Corporations and Citizens are able to collaborate successfully in order to promote conservation and creation of the environment efficiently and effectively.
And after Article 8, the Ordinance concretely enumerates important measures to be enforced.
The Municipality carries out public works and services at the counter of the offices. And on these occasions, the Municipality also has the responsibilities of Corporations, because the Municipality is justly regarded as a Corporation.

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