Updated: December 28, 2016


Fundamental Measures to conserve and create the Environment

In the Basic Environment Ordinance, fundamental measures to conserve and create the environment are enumerated after Article 11. The followings are the introductions of the points.

Increasing the chances of participation by Citizens and Corporations

The picture about participation by Citizens and Corporations

cf.cf. Article 23

The Municipality aims to make the best use of opinions from Citizens and Corporations and reflect them to the approaches conserving and creating the environment, and to increase the chances for Citizens and Corporations to participate in the approaches.
And so Citizens and Corporations may participate and cooperate actively to the approaches conserving and creating the environment.

Dealing with the problems of Global Environment positively

The picture about the human holding Earth

cf.cf. Article 26

Causes of global environmental problems concerns deeply to a district where we live. So each of us has to act from our district considering global environment. Also in order to fulfill the city's responsibility,the Municipality has to positively enact measures concerning not only district environmental problems but also global environmental problems such as Global Warming and Ozone Layer Depletion etc..

Organizing the system to collaborate

The picture about the collaboration

cf.cf. Article 29

This site explains the importance of dealing with environmental problems in collaboration.
And then the Municipality aims to establish necessary systems in order to conserve and create pleasant environment in cooperation with Citizens and Corporations.