Updated: December 28, 2016


Fundamental Measures to conserve and create the Environment

In the Basic Environment Ordinance, fundamental measures to conserve and create the environment are enumerated after Article 11. The followings are the introductions of the points.

Conserving and Creating the Environment of the City of Trees

cf.cf. Article 15

The City of Trees
This name is well-known all over the country expressing the nature,history and natural features of Sendai City where we live.
Hereafter it is important to make efforts to conserve and create the pleasant environment of Sendai City, full of green all over the mountains and towns and matching the name the "City of Trees".
The Municipality makes and enforces plans and measures for these efforts.

The picture about the town surrounded by nature

Greenery of forests symbolizing the natural features of Sendai City, the "City of Trees", not only give warmth to our hearts but also have very important functions such as absorbing carbon dioxide which is one of the causes of Global Warming and making oxygen necessary to our existence.
So the municipality regards functions of greenery of forests as important, and aims to conserve and maintain these, and also aims to promote planting trees in urban areas and maintain urban spaces in order to create more pleasant environment which is appropriate to the natural features of Sendai, the "City of Trees".

Promoting Waste Recycling, and Energy Saving

cf.cf. Article 17

The problems of waste and energy are deeply concerned to us. For example, still usable things and recyclable things as resources are remained in waste.
The "City of Trees" or the "City of Waste"
In which city do you want to live ?
It is important that every citizen looks over own life and a style of work again and promote waste reduction, recycling and energy saving.
The Municipality aims to support these approaches.

The picture about the woman thiking about waste reduction

The Municipality aims to support approaches of Citizens and Corporations.For examples, support for group resource collection and subsidy for the purchase of food composting containers, etc..
Also the Municipality, as one of Corporations, aims to be the first to deal with waste reduction, recycling and energy saving.