Updated: December 28, 2016


Fundamental Measures to conserve and create the Environment

In the Basic Environment Ordinance, fundamental measures to conserve and create the environment are enumerated after Article 11. The followings are the introductions of the points.

Establishing the Environmental Impact Assessment System 

cf.cf. Article 11

Sendai aims to promote establishing the system to survey and forecast the impact to the environment and to decrease a load to the environment when development plan is made. And this time, "Sendai City Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance" is enacted.

The picture about the men discussing the environmental impact

 For example, land-fill for ashes from incinerators of waste and the development of residential areas in order to cope with the increase in population are surely necessary.
But these developments impact considerably on the surrounding environment because trees in forests are cut down and land is leveled. these impacts mean danger of ground water pollution,depriving living places of precious animals and plants, weakening forest's powers to retain and purify water.
So Corporations have to spend enough time to survey and forecast impacts of the development in advance, and have to make the development environmentally friendly as much as possible.
And administration make sure whether survey, forecast and measures of Corporations are appropriate and reflect the opinions of Citizens,and direct Corporations adequately about pollution prevention and conservation of natural environment.
This is the Environmental Impact Assessment. So far the Environmental Impact Assessment System of Miyagi-pref. was applied to Sendai City. But aiming to correspond elaborately considering the characteristics of Sendai City, "Sendai City Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance"was enacted in December 1998. Various devices which are not found in the former system, such as the arrangement of natural environment in early stage and the confirmation of environmental condition after the commencement of construction etc., are put into this ordinance.
The Ordinance is enforced in full-scale on 12 June 1999. And by the appropriate application of this Ordinance, intentional consideration to the environment by Corporations will be promoted and the conservation of satisfactory environment of Sendai City will be proceed.