Updated: September 20, 2016


Footprint of Sendai

Footprint of Sendai(1600's)
Date A.D. Events
1600 Lord Date Masamune decided to settle in Sendai Castle.
1601 He started construction of Sendai castle town.
1606 Yakushido of Kokubunji Temple built.
1607 Osaki Hachiman Shrine built.
1654 Toshogu Shrine built.
Footprint of Sendai(1800's)
Date A.D. Events
1868 In Boshin War, Sendai feudal clan became a leader of a newly established feudal clan alliance, but the alliance was surrendered in September.
1871 Clan system was abolished, and Sendai feudal clan became Sendai Prefecture.
1887 Second junior high and high school were established (forerunner to the second high school of the old system). Rail line between Sendai and Ueno opened to traffic.
1889 Sendai was designated as a “City” by law.
1891 JR Tohoku Line opened to traffic.
1894 First lights set up in the City.
1897 Kahoku Shimpo founded.
Footprint of Sendai(1900~1949)
Date A.D. Events
1900 Phone network linked in the City.
1907 Tohoku Imperial University of Science (present Tohoku University) founded.
1909 Sendai Gas Company founded (municipalized in 1941).
1919 Sendai City Automobile Company founded.
1920 First National Census reported a population of 118,984 in Sendai.
1923 City Water supply started.
1926 City Streetcar Service started.
1928 NHK Sendai Broadcast Station opened. Nagamachi, Haramachi and Minamikoizumi incorporated into the City.
1930 Sendai City Hospital opened.
1931 Aramaki and Kitane incorporated into the City.
1932 Nishitaga Village incorporated into the City.
1941 Villages of Nakata, Rokugo, Shichigo, Iwakiri and Takasago incorporated into the City.
1942 Sendai City Bus service started.
1945 Sendai Air Raids destroyed the central part of the City. About 12,000 homes were destroyed and about 1,000 people died.
1946 Land adjustment for “Sendai City Reconstruction Plan” decided.
1947 Public Elections for the Mayor were enforced by Local Autonomy Law.
Footprint of Sendai(1950~1999)
Date A.D. Events
1950 City Board of Education founded. Miyagi Baseball Field opened.
1954 Wild Plant Garden opened.
1955 Sendai City Astronomical Observatory opened.
1956 NHK Sendai Television Station opened. Oide Village incorporated into the City.
1957 Sister City Affiliation with Riverside, USA established. Sendai Airport opened.
1961 War Damage Reconstruction Project completed. City Museum opened. Okura Dam built.
1962 Declaration of “City of Health”. City Library opened.
1964 Sendai Bay District designated as “New Industrial City”. Minami-Gamo Water Purification Plant built.
1965 Yagiyama Zoo built. Main city hall building of Sendai built.
1966 Sendai Bypass constructed.
1967 Population of the City exceeded 500,000 people. Music Sister City Affiliation with Taketa City (Oita Prefecture) and Nakano City (Nagano Prefecture) established. Sister City Affiliation with Rennes, France established.
1969 Science Museum opened.
1970 Tourism Sister City Affiliation with Tokushima City (Tokushima Prefecture) established.
1971 Sendai Port opened. Sendai City’s flower (“Hagi”, Japanese Bush Clover), tree (“Keyaki”, Zelkova), bird (“Kakko”, Japanese Cuckoo) and insect (“Suzumushi”, Bell-ring Cricket) were decided.
1973 Protection the Environment of the “City of Trees” Bylaw enacted. Sister City Affiliation with Minsk, Belarus and Acapulco, Mexico established. Sendai City Gas Minato Plant began operation. Civic Auditorium opened. New Central Wholesale Market opened.
1974 Protection the cleanness of the Hirose-gawa River Bylaw enacted.
1975 Tohoku Expressway between Sendai-Minami and Iwatsuki opened. History Sister City Affiliation with Uwajima City (Ehime Prefecture) established.
1976 City Streetcar Service abolished. Sendai Open Hospital opened.
1977 New Sendai Station opened.
1978 “City of Sculptures” project began. Earthquake on the coast of Miyagi (magnitude 7.4), with a seismic intensity of 5 in Sendai, killed 13 people.
1979 Declaration of “Disaster Prevention City”. Museum of History and Folklore opened.
1980 Friendship City Affiliation with Changchun, China established. New City Hospital Opened.
1981 Subway construction began. War Reconstruction Memorial Hall opened. History Sister City Affiliation with Shiraoi Town (Hokkaido Prefecture) established.
1982 Tohoku Shinkansen opened between Morioka and Omiya.
1983 Sendai West Road opened to traffic between Hirose and Sendai-Miyagi IC.
1984 City Gymnasium opened.
1985 Tohoku Shinkansen extended to Ueno. Sendai City designated as “Teletoppia Model City”.
1986 New City Museum opened. Typhoon No. 10 caused heavy rain damage.
1987 North-South Subway Line opened to traffic. Tohoku Future Exhibition held. Miyagi Town incorporated into the City.
1988 Izumi City and Akiu Town incorporated into the City. Population of the City reached 880,000 people in an area of 788 square kilometers. Sendai City designated as “International Convention City”.
1989 Sendai City became a “Designated City” by law. The 100th anniversary as a City was celebrated.
1990 International airline service to Seoul started. City Young Cultural Center, new Science Museum and Children’s Space Center opened. Inter-school Athletic Meet held.
1991 Tohoku Shinkansen extended to Tokyo. Freedom of Information Bylaw enacted. Emergency Medical Center, Sendai Sun Plaza, Hirose Cultural Center and International Center opened. First Sendai Half Marathon Competition held.
1992 North-South Subway Line extended to Izumi-Chuo. City Silver Center opened.
1993 Wakabayashi Ward Cultural Center opened.
1994 Sendai East Expressway between Sendai-Higashi and Sendai Airport and South Expressway between Nagamachi and Sendai-Wakabayashi JCT opened. City Welfare Plaza opened.
1995 City Research Forum founded. Tchaikovsky International Competition was held. City Recycle Plaza opened.
1996 Environment Basic Bylaw and Local Community Planning for Citizen Bylaw enacted. Museum of Prehistoric Forest opened.
1997 Sendai Stadium opened. International Yume Exchange Exhibition held. Sendai Airport Terminal opened. Friendship City Affiliation with Dallas, USA established.
1998 Information and Industry Plaza opened. New City Martial Arts Center and Aoba Gymnasium opened. Jiang Zemin, president of China, visited Sendai. A 3,000-meter runway opened for operations at Sendai Airport.
1999 Sendai Literature Museum opened. Population of the City exceeded 1,000,000 people. Support Center for Civil Activities and Taihaku Ward Cultural Center opened. Sendai City acquired a certification of ISO14001.
Footprint of Sendai(2000's)
Date A.D. Events
2000 New underground rail of Senseki-Line opened
2001 Sendai Mediatheque opened
2002 Sister City affiliation with Gwangju Metropolitan City (Republic of Korea)
2003 The site of Sendai Castle becomes a national historical site
2004 Hosted the 1st International Conference on Green Purchasing in Sendai
2005 Sendai and Oulu,Finland sign an Agreement on industrial Promotion
2006 Sendai and Tainan,Taiwan sign an Agreement to Promote Exchanges in Tourism,Economics,Industry,Welfare,Culture,and Sports Areas
2007 Sendai Airport Line started operation..
Construction of the East-West Subway Line began.
Genki Field Sendai opened.
2008 New Sendai City Astronomical Observatory opened.
Sendai・Miyagi Destination Campaign launched.
2009 Sendai Seiryo Secondary School and Sendai Taishi High School opened.
Sendai Commercial High School and Sendai Girls Commercial High School merged.
2010 The Sendai North Road opened.
APEC Japan 2010 Senior Officials' Meeting was held in Sendai.
The Tohoku Shinkansen Line opened for extended service to Shin-aomori Station.
2011 The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred (Magnitude 9.0), with a seismic intensity of 6-high (Japanese Scale) in Miyagino-ku. As of November, 2012, the death toll resulting from the earthquake and tsunami combined was 979, and the number of completely collapsed buildings was 29,981.
Tohoku Rokkon Festival was held.
Noh-BOX opened.
2012 Kitayama Tunnel was opened to traffic.
Miyagino Ward Cultural Center opened.
Sendai City received UN recognition as a “role model” city for promoting Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
The National Health and Welfare Festival for the Elderly (Nenrin-pic) Miyagi-Sendai 2012 was held.