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Sendai City Museum - Exhibitions2017

Special exhibitions and feature exhibitions in fiscal 2017

Advance notice of temporary closure
Thursday, December 28, 2017 to Friday, March 30, 2018

The museum will close due to renovation work during a certain period between the above-designated days.
Thank you very much for your understanding and patience in advance.
* More detailed information, including the specific period of closure, will be released on the museum’s website and other publicity media soon after being finalized.

Permanent exhibition―450th Anniversary of Date Masamune’s Birth

The theme of this year’s permanent exhibition is Date Masamune, celebrating the 450th anniversary of his birth. We are displaying materials relating to him.
The materials change with the seasons, and show several sides of Masamune, bringing you ever closer to him.


Special exhibitions and feature exhibitions in fiscal 2017

Feature Exhibition
Sendai’s Finest Artifacts Ⅱ―Latest 10 Years of Sendai City Museum.
Duration: April 21(Fri) to June 4(Sun)

The Sendai City Museum has amassed more than 90,000 items in its time. This exhibitdisplays newer pieces that we obtained after 2007, and also introduces some ofthe preservation activities that we are involved in.
Please enjoy this wide selection of excellent pieces that includeeverything from paintings, writings and illustrations to armor and pottery.

衝立 司馬江漢筆の画像

 View of Chigo-ga-fuchi in Enoshima, painted by SHIBA Kokan. Sendai City Museum
 ※This painting was donated after being damaged by the tsunami during the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake

Admission Fees
Adults and university/college students ¥460
High school students ¥230
Elementary and Junior high school students ¥110

*For groups of 30 or more, rates are reduced to ¥360 per general admission/ university student, ¥180 per high school student and ¥90 per junior high or elementary school student




Special Exhibition in prayer for restoration after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake
Kukai and Koyasan –The Treasures of sacred mountain-

Duration: July 1(Sat) to August 27(Sun)
Mt. Koya, which was initially opened by Kobo Daishi (also known as Kukai) and was added to the list of UNESCO world heritage sites, celebrated its 1200th year in 2015.
This exhibition introduces a world of prayer, filled with treasures related to Kukai and art related to esoteric Buddhism spread around Mt. Koya
There are writings by Kukai and many more treasures such as sculptures, pictures, crafts and pieces brought over from China, which were received from abroad by special request.

国宝 八大童子像のうちセイタカ童子像の画像 

Standing Statues of Eight Attendants of Fudo-myo’o, A set of eight statues, 
Standing Statue of Seitaka-doji, by Unkei. Kongobu-ji temple. (National Treasure)

Admission Fees (projected)

Adults ¥1,500

(Adults for advanced purchase)

University students ¥1,200
Elementary, Junior High and High School students ¥800
*There is a ¥100 per person discount for groups of 10 or more




Special Exhibition
 The 450th Birthday of Date Masamune

 Duration: October 7 (Sat) to November 27 (Mon)

Date Masamune, born in 1567 in Yonezawa Castle (in Yonezawa city, Yamagata prefecture), grew to become one of the most important Tohoku region warriors, became the first lord of the Sendai Domain, and built the foundation of what is now Sendai, Miyagi.

This exhibition was created in memorial of Date Masamune, as this year would have marked his 450th birthday. There are not only a number of pieces from our collection on display, but also a wide variety of related materials gathered from all over Japan to show his life and the contributions he made.
It gives you an image of the civil war era that Date Masamune overcame to create times of peace.

伊達政宗画像 狩野安信筆の画像

Portraits of DATE Masamune, painted by KANO Yasunobu. (City-designated cultural property)

Admission Fees (projected)
Adults ¥1,200
High school and university/college students ¥1,000
Elementary and Junior high school students ¥800
*There is a ¥100 per person discount for groups of 10 or more




* Admission fees are subject to change. Please contact us for more details.