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Updated: June 12, 2023



Water & Sewerage Fee Reductions and Exemptions for Inhabitant Tax Exempt Households

  • Reduction and Exemption Period: From the month following application until June 2024.
  • Reduction and Exemption Amount: Basic fees for water and basis usage fees for sewerage.
  • Eligibility: All household members who use water must be exempt from paying Inhabitant Tax and is significantly facing financial difficulty as a result of low income as of the day of application, and is NOT receive continuous financial support from other households. (Please be aware that some Inhabitant Tax exempt households may not be eligible for fee reductions and exemptions depending on the condition of the building they reside in and their usage of water.)

How to Apply:

【Renewal application】Use applications mailed by the City of Sendai by early June. 

【New application】

・Required documents:

  1. FY 2023 Tax Exemption Certificates for all household members who use water. However, the certificate is not required for dependents 18 years old or younger.
  2. A letter of proxy is required if applying by proxy.
    Bring in or mail the application documents to the Southern Waterworks Service Center, Northern Waterworks Service Center of Waterworks Bureau, or the City Hall Waterworks Service Center. If you wish to submit a new application via mail, please call the number below in advance.(【Aoba and Izumi Ward】Northern Waterworks Service Center TEL: 022-371-8830, 【Miyagino, Wakabayashi and Taihaku Ward】Southern Waterworks Service Center TEL: 022-304-0020)

Inquiries: Southern Waterworks Service Center of Waterworks Bureau TEL: 022-304-0020, Operation Section of Construction Bureau TEL: 022-214-8809

Emergency Support Benefit to be Paid to Inhabitant Tax Exempt Households, etc.

In order to lessen the burden of inhabitant tax exempt households, etc. who are most affected by utility and commodity prices inflation, eligible households will receive an emergency support benefit (30,000 yen per household). 

  • Eligibility: households that fulfil either of the following requirements (excluding households where all members are supported as dependents of an individual who is NOT exempt from paying inhabitant tax) 
  1. All members of the household have a resident registration in Sendai City as of May 1, 2023, and have not been taxed by Inhabitant tax on per capita basis for FY 2022 or FY 2023 ※Including households receiving welfare.
  2. All members of the households have a resident registration in Sendai City as of the day of application, and have experienced an unexpected drastic decrease in income from January 2023 to September 2023, and have been recognized as facing the same difficulties as households that fulfil the first requirement.
  • How to apply: i) the City will send out a notification of payment to households that had received the Emergency Support Benefit for Rising Prices of Electricity, Gas, Food, etc. (50,000 yen per household). Households that received said notification is not required to submit an application for this emergency support benefit (Households that wish to change the bank account of which the subsidy will be deposited to, etc. must submit a declaration to the Sendai City Emergency Support Benefit Center by June 9). As for other households, the City will be sending out declaration forms and other documents via mail. Please fill in all necessary items and mail in your documents using the enclosed designated return envelope. ii) Please mail in the completed application form after obtaining a copy at any of the following locations (one could receive a copy via mail if desired)
    ・Sendai City Emergency Support Benefit Center (Tohoku Ouji Fudosan Building 1F, Kokubuncho 1-6-18, Aoba-ku)
    ・ Shimin-no-Heya (Sendai City Hall 1F)

 ・Ward Offices and General Branches 

  • Application deadline: October 2, 2023 

Inquiries: Sendai City Emergency Support Benefit Center
TEL: 0120-078-999 (Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays)

Notice Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination

Information regarding vaccination is available in easy Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepali.
JapaneseEasy JapaneseEnglishChineseKoreanVietnameseNepali

AIDS, Syphilis and Chlamydia Testing

  • Anonymous testing available.
  • Reservation required.
  • How to apply:

Reservations can be made by calling the dedicated reservation line (TEL: 090-4478-4641), between 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekdays, from approximately one month before the testing date up until the day before the testing, or from the official website of the City of Sendai.

1) Night-time AIDS, Syphilis and Chlamydia Testing:

Date: July 6 (Thu) 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Venue: Aoba Ward Office

The test taker will be directly informed of the results at a later date.

2) Holidays Rapid Testing of AIDS and Syphilis:

Date: July 1 (Sat) 1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

Venue: Health Consultation Office of Koseikan (1-1-5, Miyamachi, Aoba-ku )

3) Night-time Rapid Testing of AIDS and Syphilis:

Date: July 14 (Fri) and 28 (Fri) 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 

Venue: 6F of AER 

The test taker will be directly informed of the results of 2) & 3) about one hour after blood samples have been taken. (In the case of indeterminate results, the test taker will be notified of the results at a later date.)

Capacity: Testing service 1) is limited to approximately 25 people, and 2) & 3) are limited to approximately 30 people, all on a first-come-first-served basis.

Inquiries:Infectious Disease Countermeasures Office 
TEL: 022-214-8029

Recipients of Child Allowance: Please Confirm whether a Notification of Present Conditions has to be Submitted 

Submission of the Notification of Present Conditions is NOT necessary in principle. However, in the case of individuals who are required to submit the Notification of Present Conditions due to their child-rearing circumstances, the City of Sendai will send out a copy of the Notification at around mid-June. The deadline for submitting the Notification is June 30 (Fri), 2023.
Other than mailing in the Notification using the enclosed envelope, one could also opt to submit an electronic application via Mynaportal. Furthermore, in-person submissions will be made available starting from June 1 (Thu) at service counters.
Inquiries: Childcare and Benefit Section at Ward Offices, and Public Health and Welfare Section at General Branches

Payment Slips for FY 2023 National Health Insurance Premiums to be Sent Out

The City of Sendai will send out payment slips for FY 2023 National Health Insurance premiums on June 16. Please make your payment by the due date.

  • A designated call center will be in operation from June 15 (Thu) to July 4 (Tue).
     TEL: 022-217-6531 (Weekdays 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.)
  • When a head of household will turn 75 years old in FY 2023, those households payment will no longer be deducted from one’s national pension but will instead have to be made either through the use of a payment slip or through bank transfer.
  • You can check the FY 2023 insurance rate either by viewing the official website of the City of Sendai or by inquiring.

Inquiries: National Health Insurance and Pension Section of Ward Offices and Miyagi General Branch, Public Health and Welfare Section of Akiu General Branch

Have you Attended your National Health Insurance Specified Health Check-up?

  • Period: June 1(Thu) to September 30 (Sat), January 4 (Thu) to 31 (Wed), 2024
  • Eligibility: Individuals between the ages of 40 to 74 years old who are enrolled in the National Health Insurance Scheme (as of March 31, 2024)
  • The City of Sendai sent out Check-up Coupons to eligible residents in late May. Please attend your health check-up at one of the designated medical institutions from the enclosed list.
  • Those who are enrolled in the Advanced-age Medical System or are between the ages of 35 to 39 years (as of March 31, 2024) can receive basic health check starting from July 1. Please inquire for further details, such as how to apply, etc.

Inquiries: Home Health Section of Ward Offices, Public Health and Welfare Section of General Branches

Tax Notifications

Payment Notice for Inhabitant Tax to be Sent Out

The City of Sendai will send out Payment Notices for FY 2023 Inhabitant Tax on June 8 (Thu.). Four payment slips are included inside the Payment Notice. Each payment slip has a designated payment period, so please be sure to make payments with the appropriate slips within the specified periods. Please be aware of the correct due date and do not lose your payment slips. You can check your taxation information with the taxation statement on the notice.
Inquiries: Inhabitant Tax Section
【Aoba and Izumi Ward】TEL: 022-214-8637
【Miyagino, Wakabayashi and Taihaku Ward】TEL: 022-214-8638 

Inhabitant Tax Payments are Due on June 30 (Fri)

Please make your first Inhabitant Tax payment for FY 2023 at your nearest financial institution by June 30 (Fri). If you are paying via bank transfer, the transaction will also be made on Jun 30 (Fri).
Inquiries: Tax Collection and Administration Section TEL: 022-214-1010

Currently Accepting Applications for Municipal Housing
―Applications Open Until June 16―

For this application period, a point system that assigns points to applicants based on their degree of financial hardship, housing status, the percentage of household income spent on rent, and other factors will be used to determine housing priorities. Applicants with the highest points will be given first priority.

  • "Application Guide for Sendai City Municipal Housing" will be available from June 6 (Tue) at the following locations:

Application Section of the Sendai City Construction Public Corporation (Sendai City Hall Kokubuncho Building 2nd Floor)

Shimin-no-Heya (Sendai City Hall 1st Floor)

Information Desk of each Ward Office

General Branches

Family and Resident Registration Section of Sendai Station Service Center, Aoba Ward Office (AER Building 5th Floor)

Certificate Issuance Center

Central Civic Center of each ward

Council of Social Welfare Office of each ward

Lifelong Learning Promotion Center


  • How to apply: Choose one municipal housing unit from the chart, fill out the application form attached to the Application Guide and mail the application form along with the declaration form in using the provided envelope by December 16 (Fri.). In the event that the number of applications exceeded that of available housing units, decisions will be made via lottery.
  • Earliest move in date: October 5 (Thu), 2023 (tentative)
  • Eligibility: Individuals who fulfill all of the following requirements
  1. Those who are facing difficulties in their current housing situation.
  2. Those with relatives whom they are currently living together with or are planning to move in together with.
  3. Those who reside or work in Sendai City.
    There are other conditions such as that one's income must be lower than a certain amount, etc. For more details, please see the Application Guide.

Although applications from individuals who resided in areas under evacuation orders by the 2011 nuclear disaster, evacuees who resided in areas eligible for support based on the Children and Victims Support Act, and victims of domestic violence and crimes are also accepted, application requirements may differ. Please inquire for further details.
Inquiries: Application Section of Sendai City Construction Public Corporation
TEL: 022-214-3604