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Updated: January 11, 2024



Notice Regarding COVID-19 Vaccination 

Information regarding vaccination is available in Japanese, Easy Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Nepali.
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Accepting Claims for Free Early Childhood Education and Care

To receive the Free Early Childhood Education and Care subsidy you must submit a claim to the City. Please complete the procedures if you are eligible. 

  • Eligibility: Those who have the new class 2 or 3 Childcare Certificate and are using extended childcare services at kindergarten and centers for early childhood education and care, non-certified childcare facilities, temporary childcare services, childcare services for sick children, or Sendai Sukusuku ("Healthy Growth") Support Project.
  • Eligible period: October 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023
  • Claim submission date: By January 19 (Fri), 2024
  • For further details please see the official website of the City of Sendai or make an inquiry.

Inquiries: Sendai City Free Early Childhood Education and Care Office  TEL: 022-214-8978

Have you Enrolled in the National Health Insurance ?

If you have withdrawn from your employee health insurance due to retirement, resignation or loss of employment, you must register to enroll in the National Health Insurance (unless you have opted to extend your health insurance or have become a dependent on a family member's employee health insurance.)
The day when you withdrew from your employee health insurance becomes your day of enrollment into the National Health Insurance, meaning that you will be charged with insurance premiums starting from that month, so even if you did not complete the necessary procedures for National Health Insurance enrollment immediately, you will be charged retroactively.
If you have yet to register, please do so as soon as possible.
Inquiries: National Health Insurance and Pension Section of Ward Offices and Miyagi General Branch, or Public Health and Welfare Section of Akiu General Branch

Notice regarding the paid amounts of the following insurance premiums: National Health Insurance, Advanced-age Medical Insurance, and Long-term Care Insurance 

For those who paid National Health Insurance, Advanced-age Medical Insurance, and Long-term Care Insurance via account transfer in 2023, notices regarding paid insurance premium amounts will be sent out in late January 2024. These insurance premiums are counted for deductions of social insurance premiums for income tax and resident tax, so please make use of these notices when filing tax returns, etc.
For those who paid their premiums by deduction from pensions, please confirm the amount paid using the tax withholding slip issued by your pension insurer. 
Inquiries:【National Health Insurance/ Advanced-age Medical Insurance】National Health Insurance and Pension Section of Ward Offices and Miyagi General Branch, or Public Health and Welfare Section of Akiu General Branch
【Long-term Care Insurance】Long-term Care Insurance Section of Ward Offices, Disabled and Senior Citizens Welfare Section of Miyagi General Branch, or Public Health and Welfare Section of Akiu General Branch

Please be Sure to Prepare for Heavy Snowfall

Snowy season is coming soon. Please pay attention and cooperate with the following.
(1)Check the weather forecast using television or radio, etc.
(2)Be careful of injuries and accidents, and refrain from non-essential outings, as roads will be slippery during heavy snowfall.
(3)Keep fire hydrants and surrounding areas near your house clear of snow, so as to avoid blocking fire extinguishing activities.
(4)Do NOT dump snow onto roads, as it is a safety hazard which can cause traffic accidents.
(5)Avoid parking on the streets to facilitate snow-removal activities.
(6)As snowplows push snow aside on the road, the snow may pile in front of the gates of houses. We kindly ask for your understanding.
(7)If you have elderly neighbors that are struggling with clearing snow, please give them a hand as a member of your community.
(8)Bags of antifreeze agent to tackle freeze and snow accumulation on municipal roads will be distributed. Please make an inquiry regarding the distribution locations.

Inquiries: (1)(2)Crisis Countermeasures Section TEL: 022-214-3049
(3)Disaster Suppression Section, Fire Bureau TEL: 022-234-1111
(4)-(7)Road Maintenance Section TEL: 022-214-8381
(8)Road Section of Ward Offices and Miyagi General Branch/ Construction Section of 
Akiu General Branch

Sending of Notice of Medical Expenses for National Health Insurance

In January 2024, the City of Sendai will send out a notice listing the total amount of medical expenditures paid between January and October of 2023; the total amount for November and December will be sent out in March 2024.

  • The total amount of medical expenses paid is tax deductible. Please use the notice when filing for tax return.
  • This notice cannot be re-issued. Please make sure to store the letter in a safe place.

Inquiries: National Health Insurance and Pension Section of Ward Offices and Miyagi General Branch
Public Health and Welfare Section of Akiu General Branch

Have you attended your Specified Health Check-up?

The period for attending the National Health Insurance Specified Health Check-up ends on January 31 (Wed). Please get your Specified Health Check-up done as soon as possible, if you have not already done so.

  • Eligibility: Those who are enrolled in the National Health Insurance Scheme and are between 40-74 years old (as of March 31, 2024)
  • Things to bring: Specified Health Check-up Coupon (previously distributed), National Health Insurance Card
  • Please schedule your check-up at one of the designated medical institutions.
  • Those who have lost their National Health Insurance qualification at the time of medical examination are not eligible.
  • If you do not have the Specified Health Check-up Coupon on hand, please bring your Health Insurance Card to the Ward Office of your residence or General Branch and complete the reissuing procedures.

Inquiries: Home Health Section of Ward Offices, Public Health and Welfare Section of General Branches

Tax Notices

Inhabitant Tax Payments are Due on January 31 (Wed)

Please make your forth Inhabitant Tax payment for FY 2023 at your nearest financial institution by January 31 (Wed). If you pay by bank transfer, the transaction will be made on January 31 (Wed).
Inquiries: Tax Collection and Administration Section TEL: 022-214-1010 

Enrollment into the National Pension System when turning 20

When a person turns 20 years old, they will receive a notification from the Japan Pension Service regarding "Notice of Enrollment into National Pension" informing them that they have been enrolled into the National Pension (excluding those who are already enrolled in the Employees' Pension Insurance system). The National Pension is not just for life post retirement, but also acts as a precautionary measure which secure payments for when one became disabled as a result of an accident or an illness; in the event that an enrolled person passed away, payments will be made to their family members. Please consult with us if you have difficulty paying premiums, as there are reduction and exemption options available (income will be subject to screening).
Inquiries: National Health Insurance and Pension Section of Ward Offices and Miyagi General Branch
Public Health and Welfare Section of Akiu General Branch

Currently Accepting Applications for Municipal Housing(For Single-parent households, Child-rearing households and households with  multiple children)
―Applications Open Until January 16―

  • "Application Guide for Sendai City Municipal Housing" will be available from January 5 (Fri) at the following locations:
    Application Section of the Sendai City Construction Public Corporation (Sendai City Hall Kokubuncho Building 2nd Floor)
    Sendai Information Center (Sendai City Hall 2nd Floor)
    Information Desk of each Ward Office
    General Branches
    Family and Resident Registration Section of Sendai Station Service Center, Aoba Ward Office (AER Building 5th Floor)
    Certificate Issuance Center
    Central Civic Center of each ward
    Lifelong Learning Promotion Center
  • How to apply: Choose one municipal housing unit from the chart, fill out the application form attached to the Application Guide and mail the form in using the provided envelope by January 16 (Tue). In the event that the number of applications exceeded that of available housing units, decisions will be made via lottery.
  • Earliest move in date: March 29(Fri), 2024 (tentative)
  • Eligibility: Individuals who fulfill all of the following requirements
    (1)Those who are facing difficulties in their current housing situation.
    (2)Applicants  whose household fall into any of the following categories:
    •Single-parent household consisting of the applicant who is raising a child younger than the age of 20.
    •Child-rearing household raising preschooler.
    •Multiple-children household with 3 or more children younger than the age of 18.
    (3)Those who reside or work in Sendai City.
    There are other conditions such as that one's income must be under a certain amount, etc. For more details, please see the Application Guide.
    Although applications from individuals who resided in areas under evacuation orders by the 2011 nuclear disaster, evacuees who resided in areas eligible for support based on the Children and Victims Support Act, and victims of domestic violence and crimes, etc., are also accepted, application requirements may differ. Please inquire for further details.

Inquiries: Application Section of Sendai City Construction Public Corporation
TEL: 022-214-3604